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Why Is It Important to Get Smash Repairs Fixed Quickly?

It’s not uncommon for people to get into minor accidents or bumper bashings, from reversing into a pole to scraping the side mirror—resulting in a few scratches, dings or dents. 

These ailments are often neglected, perhaps because the owner doesn’t want their insurance rates to increase, they don’t have the money to pay for it themselves, or they’re simply too busy to get around to the smash repairs workshop. 

It’s important to note that not getting your car repaired as soon as possible could actually make the damage worse, and more expensive to fix.

Here’s why you shouldn’t wait to book your car in for collision repairs sooner rather than later.

​​Potential for Further Damage

A bumper bashing could lead to a dented or bent bumper. A bumper is designed specifically to limit the impact damage to the car, so it, therefore, did its job. However, once a bumper has been damaged it can no longer protect the body of the car as well as it is supposed to and if you have another crash, the damage will be much worse. 

Additionally, if the exterior of your car has been cracked or exposed in some way, water may be able to seep in and access the internal structure, causing corrosion. Although the internal damages that can be caused by this are hidden from the human eye, a smash repairer will use specialised technology to identify and repair those damages.

Similarly, paint damage often occurs along with a dent, and not having it seen to will invariably make it worse. Cracks in the paint can start flaking and peeling due to bad weather conditions, wear and tear, as well as washing your car, leaving the underlying sealant exposed. If the dent is so bad that the sealant is also damaged, the bare metal can become exposed to the elements and start rusting.

Neglect Costs Money

In Australia, if a bumper is too badly damaged that it is no longer offering the protection it should,  you may receive a fine from the police and it may not pass roadworthy tests. So, no matter how much damage has been done to your bumper, don’t delay getting it fixed. 

Plus, unrepaired dents and scratches lower the value of a vehicle, and paint damage and rust spots reduce the price even more. Potential buyers will notice the neglected exterior and may wonder if there’s anything else more serious that needs fixing, too. Your car’s exterior appearance will be a big factor for someone looking to purchase your car one day, so leaving it damaged will reduce the price you can sell it for.

Trust the Experts

Getting smash repairs from professional panel beaters as soon as possible after the accident will ensure that the problems get nipped in the bud and don’t have a chance to escalate.

Not only will professionals ensure your car is keeping you and your family safe as it should be, but they will also have it looking neat and professional so that you can be proud to drive it on the roads.

Keeping your car in pristine condition will also increase its resale value one day when you’re ready to pass it on to its next lucky owner.




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