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Woolworths Implements Fresh Product Restrictions Amid Escalating Spread of Avian Influenza

Woolworths has implemented restrictions on egg purchases amid the spread of avian flu across Australia, now affecting 11 properties along the east coast. The supermarket chain anticipates short-term stock delays, similar to a recent statement from Coles, due to supply disruptions in Victoria, NSW, and the ACT caused by the disease and necessary culling measures.

A spokesperson from Woolworths explained to Yahoo News Australia that one of their egg suppliers has been impacted, leading to temporary closures of packing sheds. They expect supply to normalize within a week as operations resume at alternative sites. To manage these delays, Woolworths has imposed a two-pack limit on egg purchases in NSW, ACT, and Victoria.

This decision follows recent detections of bird flu on additional farms in Victoria and a suspected outbreak in Canberra, prompting strict containment measures. NSW Agriculture Minister Tara Moriarty noted the lockdown of affected farms, highlighting the necessity to depopulate affected hens.

Despite the significant impact on poultry farms, experts like Professor Enzo Palombo from Swinburne University reassure the public that there is currently no imminent public health threat. While the virus poses risks, particularly its potential to cross over to humans, experts stress that local conditions do not yet warrant widespread concern akin to recent developments in the US involving dairy cattle.

The situation underscores ongoing vigilance while authorities work to manage and contain the outbreak locally.

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