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Varroa mite detected 50km west of Sydney CBD as number of NSW infestations reaches 250

The number of premises infested with varroa mite in New South Wales has now reached 250.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries has confirmed three new detections in Sydney, the Central Coast and in the state’s north west.

The deadly parasite has been found at Vineyard, 50 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD, in the Glenorie purple surveillance zone.

As a result of this detection, the red zone has been further extended into the Sydney basin and now takes in Windsor.

DPI deputy incident controller Shannon Mulholland said the detection was reported after a beekeeper carried out a mandatory 16-week alcohol wash test.

“The NSW DPI remains focused on tracing and will begin surveillance efforts within the 5km of the new infested premises,” she said.

Another detection was found at Blackwall in the Central Coast red eradication zone, and a new detection at Cuttabri, west of two infested premises at Narrabri and Boggabri in the state’s north west, has resulted in new red and purple zones established there.

The new infection at Cuttabri has been traced back to the Kempsey cluster, and to what was then a legal movement between blue zones.

A varroa mite has been detected 50 kilometres from the Sydney CBD.(Supplied: NSW DPI )

Kempsey index case yet to be identified

Dr Mulholland said the goal remained to eradicate varroa mite from Australia.

“We know this is an incredibly difficult time for all beekeepers,” she said.

“The actions of beekeepers working in compliance with NSW DPI, particularly those in affected zones, is very much appreciated.”

https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2023-09-06/varroa-mite-infested-premises-nsw-reach-250/102819416 Varroa mite detected 50km west of Sydney CBD as number of NSW infestations reaches 250

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