School District Announces 2023 Midwives

Bethany Riley WNSWLHD Midwife Photo

This year’s midwives are based on three criteria. Their demonstration and commitment to the Living Well Together Values, their commitment to the midwifery profession, and their demonstration of leadership in providing midwifery quality care.

Alison Loudon, District Manager for Maternity and Children Strategy, presented Ms. Riley with the Midwife of the Year award in Dubbo this afternoon.

“Bethany has worked at Dubbo Hospital for 10 years and has always gone above and beyond in the care she provides. Bethany deserves a midwifery award,” Ms Loudon said.

“Bethany has not only demonstrated all the qualities required to receive this award, she has also been a great role model and leader for her fellow midwives and the workforce at large, and has used her own experience to make a great statement. Became a leader.

“Bethany began working in Dubbo as a graduate registered nurse and then worked her way up through hospital nursing and midwifery to her current position as a clinical midwifery educator.”

The past 12 months have presented new challenges to all frontline staff, but Riley’s commitment has gone beyond her own work and development. She continues to be a mentor and innovator, most recently mentoring a midwifery education program.

“Bethany deeply cares and mentors students and newly practicing midwives in ways that empower them. She is an incredible advocate for midwives and women,” Loudon said. Told.

“Bethany is not the type to look for accolades, but she totally deserves this award. I would also like to thank each and every one of the hardworking and dedicated midwives throughout the district.”

Ms Loudon said today’s local celebration among guests and midwife colleagues was an important opportunity to appreciate the hard work, skill and compassion of all local midwives.

“I would also like to thank all district midwives for their dedication, expertise and compassion every day to support women and their families across our community,” said Ms Loudon. said.

As a recipient of the District’s 2023 Midwifery Award, Ms. Riley is also nominated for the NSW Health District’s 2023 Outstanding Nursing and Midwifery Award.

Nominations for the 2023 Outstanding Nursing and Midwifery Healing Heart Award close on Friday, June 23, 2023. For more information, visit NSW Health. website. School District Announces 2023 Midwives

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