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Qld lawmakers award higher hotel, travel costs on eve of housing talks

An independent remuneration tribunal has cited rising costs for commercial premises in deciding to increase the entitlements of Queensland parliamentarians.

In a decision submitted to Congress late yesterday, the court increased the capital’s daily travel allowance from $399 to $416 a day, dating back to January 1.

Queensland Parliament in Brisbane.credit:Felicity Caldwell

The court was informed of a “substantial increase in commercial lodging prices,” resulting in a significant increase in travel to other destinations (from $284 to $330).

The tax payer fee for Members of Parliament who travel to Brisbane for parliamentary meetings and cannot be accommodated in the annex has also been increased from $399 to $416 per day.

MPs staying in the annexe, which is currently undergoing renovation, will qualify for more ($139 per day), as will Brisbane-based members who decide to stay in the commercial property.


The international travel allowance rate will not change, and the Court will monitor the overall impact of the change on the amount of entitlement claimed by MPs.

“For the purpose of determining remuneration, courts should take into account the value to the community of members fulfilling roles, functions, and responsibilities, and the importance of members being appropriately compensated for performing their roles. You can,” the court said.

The court also considered motor vehicle allowances, which give MPs up to $44,600 to acquire and maintain motor vehicles, depending on voter location, and approved a 2.5% increase across all ranges.

https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/qld-mps-awarded-higher-hotel-travel-expenses-on-eve-of-housing-talks-20230327-p5cvpw.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_national Qld lawmakers award higher hotel, travel costs on eve of housing talks

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