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NSW weather: Homes at risk as wildfires tear through central west

Uncontrolled wildfires ravage New South Wales during a record heatwave, threatening to burn down up to 50 homes in the state’s central west.

Firefighters have fought 37 bushfires, but are deeply concerned about the 11 that have not yet been contained, especially one burning near Tambarulah.

RFS spokesperson Greg Allan said: “Recently, the fire on Alpha Road reached emergency warning levels.

“267 hectares have already been destroyed and 48 surrounding homes are at risk.

“Fire activity is increasing in these areas, so residents need to be aware of the situation.”

Grass fires are progressing rapidly in Burrendong, overwhelming firefighters.

“Another fire of note is the Barendon fire, which is still uncontained,” Allan said.

“We currently have approximately 400 firefighters and immediate control personnel and 107 vehicles operating statewide.”

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, temperatures are above 30 degrees Celsius and winds are blowing northwest at 25-40 km/h, but will ease in the evening.

People in the affected areas are being asked to develop wildfire survival plans, clear gutters, and remove combustible materials.

Sydney faces its hottest day in more than two years, with temperatures expected to reach 38 degrees Celsius in some suburbs on Monday.

With the heat moving across the country, mercury is forecast to exceed 35 degrees on Sydney’s coast, making it the hottest day in Sydney since 26 January 2021.

Most of the state is sweating from the mid-30s to highs, with Burke expected to hit 41 degrees, Dubbo 38 degrees and Walgett 40 degrees on Monday.

The intense heat has forced the closure of dozens of schools across NSW, including Lithgow High School and Hampton Public. See the full list of closed schools below.

Thousands expected to flock to Sydney beaches Freedom from soaring temperatures.

Authorities have also issued fire bans for several parts of the state.

The Lower Central West Plains, Central Mountains, and Hunter’s Ground are all listed as being at extreme fire risk, while the Southern Mountains, Northern Slopes, Northwest, and Upper Central West Plains are at high risk.

A spokesperson for the Japan Meteorological Agency said, “In the first half of this week, the maximum temperature is expected to be in the mid to high 30s, and the minimum temperature at night is expected to be around the mid-10s to 20s.

“Severe heat waves are dangerous for many people, especially the elderly, babies, children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with medical conditions and those who are unwell.

“Find a cool place, such as your home, library, community center, or shopping center.”

More coming.

https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/nsw-weather-heatwave-warnings-as-sydney-braces-for-hottest-day-in-two-years/news-story/5494b399ce89e7f5bd0389fe13d708fa NSW weather: Homes at risk as wildfires tear through central west

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