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Music Translate: Girl Band – ABC

Part 2 of the series: Journalist Jett Tattersall joins Nightlife again. This time she chose the best girl band music with Dom Knight.

Bananarama — Cruel Summer

girlfriend — take it from me

Salt ‘n Pepa / En Vouge — Whattaman

TLC — Creep

En Vogue — Don’t Let Go

Spice Girls — Spice up your life

Sugarbabes — Overlord

Destiny’s Child (Bee Gees Cover) — Emotion

Pussycat Dolls — ‘don’t cha’

Little Mix — Shout Out to Me

BLACKPINK — pink poison

Honorable Mention SPEED (Japan) — White Love

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https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/nightlife/music-conversion-girl-bands/101675062 Music Translate: Girl Band – ABC

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