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Mins says new rental commissioner will rebalance ‘extreme’ housing market

Leo Patterson Ross, CEO of the New South Wales Tenants Union, says the number of tenants seeking advice from advocacy groups about negotiating or challenging rent increases has tripled in the past year. Said it happened.

“The biggest rent increase we’ve seen in the last six months is the North Shore area, which nearly doubled from about $1,000 a week to $1,700 a week. [That is] Extreme state. ”

Patterson Ross said rent increases were “not particularly strongly protected or regulated in NSW” and said there was a lack of data measuring rent changes, particularly within tenants.

Tenants in New South Wales face unprecedented pressure from rising rents and limited housing supply.credit: Ben Rushton

He suggested that a system of registering rent increases with a central authority, similar to a rental bond board, would increase tenant transparency and provide a better idea of ​​rent changes.

Shelter NSW Acting Chief Executive Cathy Callahan says the plan to end NSW’s baseless evictions of rolling lease tenants, which has bipartisan support, will “take some heat out of the market”. rice field. But she said it was reasonable for authorities to consider better ways to manage rent increases.

“There are some mechanisms in NSW, but nothing to cover what seems to be a rather exorbitant increase.

Mr Callahan said an ACT-like rent cap that limits rent increases to 110% of inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index “is not an outrageous model” for NSW.

“I think it makes sense because it gives good landlords a chance to readjust their rents even if the costs are over the roof,” Callahan said.

mins is Refused to accept ACT-style caps on rent increases Concerns could affect the state’s lagging housing pipeline.

“I don’t see that policy change primarily because I think it will have a negative impact on supply, which in the long term will be fundamental to solving the NSW rental and housing crisis. ” he said on Tuesday.


Jenny Leung, a spokeswoman for green housing, plans to introduce a bill that freezes rents for two years on the first day of the new legislature. We hope that you will consider expanding access.

Mr Leon said the fact that some tenants were forced to challenge significant rent increases in the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Court was “part of the evidence of how broken the system is”. said it is.

“We can reverse the power imbalance by requiring landlords to prove to the court why they can raise rents, rather than tenants challenging rent increases,” she said.

“It’s a zero-cost, easy solution that can be implemented almost immediately.”

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