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Melissa Cadick’s parents eviction order from $2.25 million apartment in Sydney’s eastern suburbs

The parents of alleged fraudster Melissa Cadick have been ordered to evict her apartment in Sydney’s eastern suburbs in order to receive a payment of nearly $1 million.

long-running legal dispute over The Edgecliff estate, which he co-owned with his daughter, was settled on Monday.

Ms Caddick disappeared in November 2020 shortly after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) raided her parents’ home in Dover Heights.

A corporate watchdog was investigating a multi-million dollar pyramid scheme.

Authorities claim she stole more than $23 million at the time.

A coroner found her dead last month, but was unable to determine how or where she died.

Federal Judge Bridget Malkovich said Monday afternoon that Cadick’s parents, Barbara and Ted Grimley, must vacate the property within six weeks before receiving $950,000. gave the order.

Caddick’s family home was raided by ASIC officials in 2020.()

In court documents, her parents claimed they paid over $1 million to pay off a $2.25 million mortgage on Edgecliffe’s apartment.

A federal court case filed by ASIC was represented by more than 50 investors seeking to recover stolen funds through the sale of her assets.

Last year, the 49-year-old’s collection of designer clothes, art jewelry and other luxury items was sold at auction in Sydney.

Under the order Monday, those investors will also receive a $3 million “intermediate distribution.”

Once the Grimley family has moved out and is ready to sell, they plan to take ownership of Edgecliffe.

Three months later, Cadick’s rotten foot washed up on the south coast of New South Wales, hundreds of kilometers from his home in Sydney.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-06-05/melissa-caddick-arents-ordered-to-leave-edgecliff-unit/102442680 Melissa Cadick’s parents eviction order from $2.25 million apartment in Sydney’s eastern suburbs

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