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Live Update: Cardinal George Pell funeral progresses in Sydney as protesters gather outside

Today, a Requiem Mass is being held for the late Cardinal George Pell at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney.

Hundreds of mourners waited in line in the hot Sydney weather, singing hymns, to attend the funeral.

Protesters marched through Hyde Park this morning to highlight the Catholic Church’s legacy of child abuse.

follow live.

Protesters gather outside funeral

heath parks hapton

LGBT group Community Action for Rainbow Lights has reached an agreement with NSW Police within 11 hours to hold a protest at the same time as today’s funeral.

Police had opposed the planned march out of Hyde Park over safety concerns about the route, but yesterday the Supreme Court resolved the dispute.

ABC’s Tim Swanston says crowds are starting to gather in parks.

LGBTQI+ groups, child sexual abuse survivors and advocates are protesting Pell’s conservative views and politics.

They chant, “Pell, go to hell.”

They also protested against attending the funeral of opposition leader Peter Dutton.

Katherine Addington joined protesters this morning and said she was “sad, angry and outraged”.

“If Jesus were here today, he would be with the rainbow people there. I wouldn’t have.”

Catherine Addington holding a sign outside the cathedral(Tim Swanston)

Read ABC Reporter Jamie McKinnell’s report on yesterday’s court hearing here.

before mass

Carla Hildebrandt

ABC reporter Kathleen Calderwood is outside the funeral.

She says hundreds of people are waiting in the hot sun to enter the cathedral and say goodbye to the cardinal.

While waiting, many sang hymns, and silence fell upon the crowd after the bells rang just before 10:30 am. The crowd chanted Ave Maria in unison.

Mass is shown on screens in the cathedral courtyard to hundreds of people who cannot fit inside.

Cardinal Pell is remembered by his followers as a leader of the Catholic Church in Australia and around the world.

people gather outside to sing hymns (ABC News: Kathleen Calderwood)
People are queuing outside the cathedral.(ABC News: Kathleen Calderwood)


Carla Hildebrandt

Hello everyone,

Heath Parks-Hapton and I share the news of the funeral of Cardinal George Pell, which took place this morning at 11:00 am at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney.

Stay tuned for updates.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-02-02/george-pell-funeral-live-blog/101920804 Live Update: Cardinal George Pell funeral progresses in Sydney as protesters gather outside

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