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Latest Australian news: Qantas passenger stranded in Azerbaijan. Floods in South Australia are expected to peak above his 1931 levels.australian news

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Staff shortages causing problems for mothers in Queensland

According to the Australian Medical Association, pregnant women in rural Queensland do not receive adequate care due to a chronic obstetric workforce shortage.

Three of four obstetricians at Rockhampton Hospital have resigned, and the Gladstone and Biloela maternity units have been bypassed for months, says AMA Queensland president. Doctor Maria BoultonSaid.

She is calling on the Queensland Department of Health to improve working conditions for employees so they have an incentive to stay instead of leaving.

Our local hospital faces severe workforce pressure.

Staff have stepped up and are doing what they can, some doing the work of three people. This is not sustainable. This is not safe.

Staff turn over to fill gaps, Boulton said, leading to staff shortages at hospitals.

Doctors, nurses, and other health care workers are humans too. they need a break. they get tired they get sick.

Queensland Health should also lift the ban on employees working at other public hospitals on holidays, Mr Boulton said.

The Australian Medical Association says Queensland women do not receive adequate care. Photo: JGI/Getty Images/Tetra images RF

‘We’ll get there’: Queensland health looking for experts to cover shortfalls

Queensland Agriculture Minister mark Farner Following reports of a shortage of health care professionals in central Queensland, the Queensland Health Department is now working to find an antenatal specialist.

was there report A shortage of obstetricians means that women are forced to divert from one service to another due to lack of available specialists, and women are forced to learn how to give birth if they fail to get medical care in time. It means that you taught yourself.

“We’ll get there,” Farner told reporters on Saturday, saying the Queensland Health Department had hired four new obstetricians and was looking for staff nationally and internationally.

It doesn’t matter if you are healthy or not. Finding staff is always difficult, especially during this time.

Even in my farming portfolio, I’m having a hard time finding staff who meet the farm’s requirements. The same applies to health. Therefore, health advertises nationally and internationally, looking for specialists.

Mark Farner speaking at the Queensland Parliament
Queensland Minister for Agriculture and Industry Development, Mark Farner. Photo: Darren England/AAP

Rabuka officially sworn in as Prime Minister of Fiji

city ​​bunny Lubuka formally voted as the new Prime Minister of Fiji, Frank Bainimarama 16 years later.

Fiji’s parliament voted for Labuka on Christmas Eve, days after a period of political turmoil in which the previous Fiji First government refused to concede and called on the military to help police maintain law and order.

He won the vote 28 to 27 against Bainimarama.

Labka has won ruling numbers in a tripartite coalition led by his center-right People’s Alliance party.

The more liberal democratic National Coalition Party gained five seats, while the indigenous-focused Social Democratic and Freedom Party (SODELPA) backed the coalition after days of deliberations.

FijiFirst has 26 seats and the People’s Alliance has 21 seats in the 55-seat parliament.


Sitiveni Rabuka sitting in a meeting and speaking into a microphone
Sitiveni Rabka, leader of the People’s Alliance Party. Photo: Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images

Strong winds expected from Sydney to Hobart

The Supermaxxis from Sydney to Hobart enjoys northerly winds for most of the journey, but the fleet has been warned of possible high winds in the second half of the race.

109 yachts will set sail from Sydney Harbor on Monday at 1pm local time.

The Bureau of Meteorology on Saturday is forecasting predominantly northerly winds with strong to strong winds on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This is in support of four Supermaxxis and the line winner is likely to finish on Wednesday morning, which could bring him closer to the race record.

Conditions are set to be more varied and challenging for the rest of the fleet.

The cold front shifts to the southwest on Wednesday, with southerly winds expected by Thursday morning.

A gale warning is likely to occur later Tuesday, with a possible gale warning on Wednesday.

Winds will shift from the east to the northeast from Thursday as a high pressure ridge develops.


Yachts in Sydney Harbor
Andoo Comanche (right) leads LawConect at the start of the 2022 SOLAS Big Boat Challenge on December 6th. This is the warm-up event for the Sydney to Hobart race. Photo: Dan Himbrecht/AAP

A small earthquake was recorded overnight near Benalla.

A magnitude 2.4 earthquake was recorded near Benalla this morning at 1:24 am.

8 felt reports @GeoscienceAus but thankfully there have been no reports of damage or requests for help from VICSES. pic.twitter.com/1Zu5W7reNH

— VICSES News (@vicsesnews) December 24, 2022

Meanwhile, ex-tropical Cyclone Erie has created stormy conditions in northern Australia this weekend, with a weather alert issued for the entire Northern Territory.

Former tropical Cyclone Erie is spreading rain and storms across northern Australia this weekend.

Severe weather warnings and flood monitoring currently in place across much of NT.

Hot, dry and sunny conditions in southern Australia

Latest forecasts and warnings: https://t.co/QAqeGQDzig pic.twitter.com/RZTevTHaaS

— Australian Bureau of Meteorology (@BOM_au) December 24, 2022

East Coast expected to be sweltering in Christmas heat wave

East Coast Australians contemplating wearing an ugly Christmas jumper may want to think again as warm weather hits capital cities across the country.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra all expect temperatures in the high 20s to low 30s on Christmas Day.

Domestically, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart are also expected to have sunny skies, with maximum temperatures in the high 20s to low 30s.

In the Top End, Darwin is expecting storms and a maximum temperature of 32 degrees.

Warmer Christmas weather marks the beginning of a low-intensity heatwave that is expected to spread south of the continent, including Tasmania, by Wednesday.

It also means Western Australia will continue to experience the heat wave seen in December, with multiple wildfires.

The Bureau of Meteorology has already issued a heat wave warning for WA, with high temperatures hitting parts of the state from north to south.

Heading back east, temperatures are expected to peak at around 36C in Melbourne and 40C in Adelaide on Tuesday. Expected temperatures for Monday are 28C in Sydney and 32C in Canberra. The temperature in Hobart on Wednesday is 32°C.

Despite the warmer period, flood warnings remain in New South Wales and Victoria, while South Australia waits for floodwaters to roll down the Murray River.

Christmas forecast:

  • Melbourne, 30°C, sunny

  • Sydney, 28C, partly cloudy, thunderstorms possible

  • Darwin, 32C, Storm

  • Canberra, 31°C, sunny

  • Hobart, 26°C, sunny

  • Adelaide, 32°C, sunny

  • Perth, 30°C, sunny

  • Brisbane, 28C, partly cloudy, showers likely


Adelaide skyline at sunset
Adelaide skyline at sunset.Highs of 40°C are forecast for Tuesday Photo: Richard Fairless/Getty Images

SA Prime Minister says government is ‘preparing for the worst’

Malinaukas said the state government “hopes for the best, but is preparing for the worst.”

As of this morning, the Emergency Relief Center has received 1,479 inquiries, with two already open in Berri and Mannam, and a third in Murray Bridge due to open on 5 January.

He says 234 personal hardship grants have already been issued, along with 46 accommodation grants, and some of the 25,000 overnight emergency accommodation beds have begun to be used.

And while it’s still in progress, we have plenty of capacity for worst-case scenarios.

The flood will be higher than the peak of the 1931 flood, but not higher than the peak of the 1956 flood.

Hopefully, at some point next month, I can look back on this moment and say, “Oh, the government was overpreparing in some areas.” That’s a criticism I welcome. But there is still a long way to go. So we still have a few difficult weeks ahead.

SA Prime Minister says 3,620 homes were without power as of 4am

marinaukas The state has said it is ready to address the unfolding situation.

He said there are 25,000 nights of bedstays for emergency relief, 5,000 people knocking on their doors to understand what’s going on, and $50 million in flood relief ready to help victims. and three emergency relief centers are ready.

As of 4 a.m., 3,620 homes were without power and six of the 11 intersections along the Murray River were closed, Malinaukas said. Eight of the 11 intersections are expected to be closed next week

As for the actual timing of the peak, we now have some confidence that it will reach Renmark. in the next 48-72 hoursthe peak is arrival Mannam around January 7-10.

The closer we get to the event, the more confidence we have about the data, but we are also very careful about the fact that the data fluctuates.In fact this is The flood itself will change the course of the Murray River in South AustraliaSo while changing circumstances mean fluctuating forecasts, there is an increasing degree of confidence that people can plan accordingly, but most importantly, emergency services can It’s about giving you the opportunity to be in the right state at the right time. correct place.

South Australia floods to peak above 1931 flood levels, PM says

Prime Minister of South Australia, peter marinaukas“Despite the difficult circumstances, things are going the way we want them to.”

We are in a position to predict that peak river flow will approach the 190 gigaliter level instead of the 220 gigaliter level.

While there are uncertainties in these numbers, Malinaukas has growing confidence that flood peaks will occur at lower levels.

This means fewer homes will be flooded. That means fewer people evacuating. But that still means a good deal of water at levels not seen in our state for a long time.

You will also be in a position to confirm that the peak of the river flow through Renmark will occur at some point in the next 48 to 72 hours, and that peak will be just above the flood level experienced in 1931. Nearly a century ago.

South Australian Prime Minister Peter Malinaukas discusses flood levels.
South Australian Prime Minister Peter Malinaukas discusses flood levels. Photo: ABC

SA Premier providing up-to-date information on flood conditions

South Australia Premier, peter marinaukaswill hold a press conference this morning to provide an update on flooding conditions along the Murray River.

We’ll have you up to date when it happens.

https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2022/dec/24/australia-live-news-updates-qantas-passengers-stranded-in-azerbaijan-albanese-and-dutton-to-deliver-christmas-messages Latest Australian news: Qantas passenger stranded in Azerbaijan. Floods in South Australia are expected to peak above his 1931 levels.australian news

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