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Julian Morrow loses four-year legal battle with ex-business partner

“I am very disappointed with this outcome,” Morrow said.

“We have to absorb the decisions and work out what’s best from here.”

Bolin Barnaby

On Wednesday evening, the Midwinter Ball is held again, with politicians, reporter gallery hackers and corporate crooks gathering in the Great Hall of the Capitol for a night of heavy drinking (for charity).

Barnaby Joyce no longer holds a whip when attending the Midwinter Ball.credit: John Shakespeare

This year’s event is special for two reasons. First of all, the ball will actually take place only once in the winter, but Anthony Albanese has already expressed his displeasure over the conflict with the State of Origin. But more importantly, Barnaby Joyce is back – attending with his partner (and former staff) Vicky Campion For the first ball you spend together as a couple.

Barnaby hasn’t been since showing up with his current ex-wife in 2017. Natalie Joyce Then he started swinging his whip in the middle of the marble porch. The former deputy prime minister told CBD that initially he didn’t want to go, but Vicki had other ideas.

“I thought I’d have another night where I would wake up tired the next day,” he said. “It was a lot of fun… for the first 15 years or so.”

the couple sky news table, as it is elsewhere.

You should call Paul

Former prime minister Paul Keating I was so furious at what this masthead said emergency alert series It considered a possible conflict with China and sent a series of angry emails directly to the prime minister’s office, according to documents released under the Freedom of Information.

“Mr Keating has asked me to pass on to you the statement he is making. Sydney Morning Herald, Year and [political editor] peter hercher I am tasked with their whimsical and inflammatory content released this morning,” said an email from the former prime minister’s office to Anthony Albanese’s office.

Anthony Albanese and Paul Keating in their happier days.

Anthony Albanese and Paul Keating in their happier days.credit: Trevor Collins

Two days later, Keating issued a longer and more angry statement, including a sniper attack on the “fool”. [Hartcher]’ his office dutifully sent to the Albanese chief of staff. Tim Gartrell.

But in the months before the AUKUS-related feud between Albanese and Keating, things were much friendlier. The PMO even sent Keating a pre-draft of Mr Albanese’s speech to the National Press Club hours before the prime minister was scheduled to speak, according to email exchanges in February.

Did Albo turn to Labor’s finest orator for advice? If so, his office wouldn’t tell us.

crossed out

Monday’s stock market raid on Triple M owner Southern Cross Media (SCM) by rival ARN, which owns KIIS and The Edge, brought a bright spot to the outgoing SCM chief’s dark investment clouds. Grant Blackley.

The former Network 10 president, who will retire next Friday, has been credited with keeping the indebted organization alive, but he has been unable to reverse long-term declines in sales and profits.


But fair play to Blackley, who has shared the pain of Southern Cross investors. The CEO’s $1.04 million investment over the years was worth less than $220,000, according to last year’s compensation report.

It’s not a simple loss of value, but revaluations, share buybacks and capital raisings have made matters considerably more complicated, so Brackley officials voiced their bitterness on Tuesday.

But until Monday, when ARN bought 14.8% of SCM for $38 million, and the stock rose 25%, its holdings should have been worth even less, around $166,000.

Whether it’s good or bad for Brackley, whose base salary last year was more than $1.2 million, it would be a nice retirement present.

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