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Items that may force travelers out of Australia

Key Point:
  • Australia has some of the strictest customs regulations in the world.
  • Many of the restrictions on what you can bring into Australia are to protect the country’s biodiversity.
  • In-flight meals, pancetta, and squirrels found people violating Australian customs laws.
Imagine traveling halfway around the world and being turned back for pancetta.
Such was the case with the Spanish youth who ate meat and cheese. .

People entering Australia fill out what is called an Incoming Passenger Card. This asks about the types of goods the person is bringing into the country.

By declaring goods, passengers can inform the authorities of any goods of interest they have.

But what exactly can you bring into Australia with some of the world’s strictest customs regulations?


Many of the restrictions on what can be brought into Australia are to protect the country’s biodiversity, and strict biosecurity controls can minimize the risk of pest and disease introduction.
A spokesperson for the USDA previously spoke about the 2018 incident, one of the most alarmingly serious cases seen by Australian airport biosecurity personnel.

An Australian man has arrived in Brisbane after traveling from Bali with a live squirrel hidden in his body.

A man returning to Australia from Bali was found with a squirrel. sauce: Getty / noor photo

“The squirrel is a potential vector for rabies, which is present in Bali, and the damage to human and animal health would be enormous if the disease reached here,” said Dr Chris Walker of the ministry. In 2021, he said, looking back at some of the more interesting discoveries…

The man was sentenced to 18 months in prison and immediate release on the condition of five years of good behavior.


You can bring certain foods into Australia, provided they meet the requirements.

Commercially prepared biltong and jerky are generally highly valued, but if they are made from pork meat, they will not pass customs.

Interestingly, canned meat from New Zealand can be brought into the country if it meets certain standards, but it is not permitted for in-flight meals.
Two airport employees who had jobs as flight engineers at Brisbane Airport in 2022 learned of this when customs statutes were executed separately. Both had removed customs-controlled food from international flights.

A man was spotted carrying a duffel bag full of food items, including rolls, potato chips, chocolate, yogurt and meat products, and was brought to his attention.

In-flight meals arranged on the ground.

Airport officials who found these meals in duffel bags risked fines of thousands of dollars. sauce: attached / australian border force

At the time, people could face fines of up to $111,000 for such conduct.

Another man was fined $3,300 for accepting baked goods from a flight attendant on a flight.

When confronted by a colleague, he allegedly threw the goods in the trash.

plant material

In 2020, before the pandemic closed Australia’s borders, two passengers were found to have separately brought in citrus carrying a pathogen that could have a significant impact on Australia’s citrus industry.

One person brought in a kilogram of lime and another amount of dried citrus peel, all of which were confirmed to carry the citrus canker pathogen.

The item was destroyed and the people in the package declared it at customs, thus avoiding any fines or charges.


In 2019, eight Chinese men tried to bring 170,000 undeclared cigarettes into Australia,

Although it is possible to bring small amounts of tobacco and alcohol into the country without paying customs duties, these items must be declared. This is what men do not do.

Aerial view of the runway

Passengers on flights to Australia will be asked to complete a card declaring the type of baggage they are carrying. sauce: Getty / Peter Harrison

Travelers over the age of 18 may carry 1 unopened packet containing up to 25 cigarettes and 1 opened package of cigarettes.

This is considered duty-free, and anyone bringing in more than that must pay customs duty on the goods.

when declaring an item

Traveler If it turns out that you have not declared the items listed on your card.
Customs officials may ask further questions about the items and biosecurity officers may evaluate them.
In most cases, declared goods are returned after inspection.
Some items, such as wood carvings, require processing for security purposes, and some items are not allowed to enter Australia at all.
If officers seize these, they may be exported or destroyed.

Airport terminals also have designated bins that can be used by arrivals to dispose of items they do not wish to receive.

https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/stopped-at-customs-the-items-that-can-get-travellers-deported/26118om9g Items that may force travelers out of Australia

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