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Human remains found partially buried under unit complex in Brisbane

New photos have emerged from the site where a body was found partially buried under a complex in north Brisbane.

The human remains were found by cleaners in Alderley around 10:45 am on Wednesday.

Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham told reporters the body was found in a locked area behind a wall of Besserblock and said it was “extremely concerning” that the body had gone unnoticed for “months”. Stated.

“The majority of people who live in this unit block are completely unaware of the happening,” he said.

Superintendent Machinegum said no residents of the unit block had reported any odors or other suspicions until cleaning crews found the bodies Wednesday.

He said the bodies were “wrapped very tightly” and covered with clothing and bedding.

camera iconA homicide investigator at the scene where a partially buried body was discovered under a complex in north Brisbane.Dan Peredo credit: News Corp Australia
brisbane bones
camera iconBodies were found in normally locked areas.Dan Peredo credit: News Corp Australia

Photos from the scene show a police vehicle parked in front of the parking lot area and a homicide detective investigating the property.

Superintendent Massingham said, “A search of the area found items identified by preliminary tests to be human remains or bodies at this stage.

The cleaner was reportedly upset and traumatized by the shocking discovery.

“Whoever put the person there tried to hide the body, but failed pretty badly,” he said.

“[They]have taken great care to wrap and preserve the bodies in a certain way. They have also moved them to places that are not easily accessible.

brisbane bones
camera iconThe cleaner was heartbroken by this discovery.Dan Peredo credit: News Corp Australia

“Whether they intended to leave it there, or if they came to pick it up later and simply didn’t, that’s part of what we’re looking at.”

Police are working to identify the person and the circumstances surrounding his death.

Superintendent Massingham said it will take time for police to complete the investigation.

brisbane bones
camera iconPolice are questioning people living in the complex.Dan Peredo credit: News Corp Australia

“This kind of murder investigation can be complicated and time-consuming,” he said.

“I think it will take some time to identify who this person was, the cause of death and, of course, the causal relationships associated with this person’s death.

“Currently, there are dozens of missing person reports that have already begun at Hendra Base.”

Police are questioning people at the complex and would like to speak to the former occupants.

Anyone with information is advised to contact the police.

https://thewest.com.au/news/human-remains-found-partially-buried-under-brisbane-unit-complex-c-9096293 Human remains found partially buried under unit complex in Brisbane

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