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Breast Health Researcher Heads to FairBreak Invitational, Message to Female Cricket Players

When breast health researcher Deirdre McGhee evaluated 90 international female cricketers last year, she was shocked to find out.

Not only did 30% of athletes experience a chest injury while playing sports, but less than 10% reported it.

“The woman had bruising and swelling for three weeks, but no one reported it or confirmed that the tissue had fully recovered.

“I was amazed at how much this kind of education is needed in cricket.”

The players evaluated by Dr McGhee were part of the annual FairBreak Invitational Women’s Cricket Tournament held in Dubai.

This week, the associate professor will be at this year’s event in Hong Kong to play a role in the University of Wollongong’s Breast Research Australia, provide solutions to the problems she uncovered last year, and hold a series of clinics with athletes. to go.

“We disseminate the knowledge we gain from the research we do in Australia and translate it into freely accessible educational resources in Australia,” she said.

“We are giving women around the world access to these.”

Many women are reluctant to talk to male medical and coaching staff about their chest injuries.()

participation, treatment, taboo

Dr. McGhee said one reason women are reluctant to talk about heart injuries is the cultural taboo against discussing women’s health issues, especially in South Asian countries.

“In many countries, managers, coaches and leaders are all male, so sports bras are not recognized or known as essential equipment for female athletes.

“Women said they were unable to request bras or discuss breast-related issues with male coaches and leaders, so access to such equipment was restricted for these women. .”

Dr. McGhee said training female athletes at events like the international FairBreak Invitational can create “leaders in breast education” with the training and knowledge to teach other women in their country. .

“Breast-related issues are sensitive to discuss with men, so it’s safer and easier to discuss them with women.

“It allows women to be physically active.”

The cost and availability of sports bras may prevent athletes from having access to suitable equipment in some countries.()

“Normalization of Needs”

For many female athletes, even at the elite level, the availability and cost of sports bras make them out of reach.

The Sports Bra Project is a global charity that provides sports bras for women and is part of the FairBreak Invitational.

“The Sports Bra Project is committed to increasing access to sport and normalizing the needs and experiences of female athletes,” said Sarah Dwyer Schick, founder of The Sports Bra Project.

“Partnering with FairBreak Global and Breast Research Australia is a great opportunity to increase access and provide education on the importance of a properly fitted sports bra for comfort, performance and breast health during physical activity. will be provided with an opportunity to

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-04-04/breast-injuries-among-female-cricketers/102181384 Breast Health Researcher Heads to FairBreak Invitational, Message to Female Cricket Players

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