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Beach Outfit Ideas To Show off This Summer

The summer season is a time of light and airy outfits made of breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen, and bright shades reflecting sunlight. A special place in the summer wardrobe is occupied by beachwear. So, in this article, we will talk about how to make stylish beach looks.


Every girl has her favorite denim shorts of a loose fit or maybe completely tight. Let’s diversify this wardrobe item with interesting color combinations and see how and with what it can be completed. We can combine shorts with a graphic print with a sleeveless shirt, that ties in a knot – and the image is ready! If there is an active print in the set, refrain from other drawings and combinations, let one piece of clothing be a bright spot. Choosing a loose-fitting shirt, you can pick a larger size, so you will feel more comfortable and nothing will restrain your movements.  Such models of shirts are perfectly combined with long skirts, jeans, and womens board shorts.

Loose linen shorts are well combined with an off-the-shoulder top. In this look and in slates, you will feel comfortable and confident on the beach. Having changed shoes to espadrilles or braided sandals, and this look will be great for walking in the evening or going on an excursion.

In another outfit, we can join brightly printed shorts with a loose white T-shirt. In this case, it is important to combine the colors of shorts with shoes and all accessories. An important detail: choose a swimsuit of the same color intensity so that you can wear shorts without a T-shirt, and it would look spectacular, and thoughtful. Pay attention to details!


Safari and different variations of it is a very relaxing and extraordinary style. Distinctive features of the style are natural fabrics, natural colors, simplicity of cut, the versatility of sets, and, of course, comfort. It is laconicism and chic at the same time.

You can combine short shorts with an elongated tunic, add a belt or tuck it inside, all of it depends on your desire. On the beach, you can throw a tunic over a swimsuit and enjoy walking along the seaside. This look stands out with its monochrome and restraint, but a couple of more active accessories – and it will glow in new shades.

This image is more suitable for walking around the hot city, and boat trips. Rather strict in cut linen shorts are combined with a silk loose shirt. Minimum of colors and accessories, everything is restrained and luxurious. Pay attention to the details, they are making the look thoughtful and complete!

A shirt dress is perhaps the most comfortable option for beachwear. Another advantage of it is that it looks good both on the beach and on city streets. Variability and the maximum number of sets with one thing – that’s the key to the success of the wardrobe! A few details – and you will have a completely new look!


Boho and Ethnics

The most romantic and feminine style: flying fabrics and elongated silhouettes create the image of a Goddess. It’s a mystery and tenderness, it is about dating and romantic adventures.

Bright shorts with tassels and an elongated tunic with embroidery. The combination of colors can be juicy, powerful, and bright. A hat, sunglasses, bright bracelets, and earrings -all of it is perfect complements and does not overload the look in any way. This beach option is suitable for a woman who loves adventures and active pastimes.

Loose trousers with a print are perfectly combined with a white silk blouse.  This variation is more calm and restrained than the first image, and it is suitable both for the beach and for city walks. A bag with a beautiful fringe and a bright and juicy manicure to match the trousers will help to give the look more colors. Such details wouldn’t be unnoticed and will give the impression of a very complete image. In the future, trousers can be worn with a loose T-shirt, a top, and a shirt with shorts or a skirt. Versatility and simplicity are a huge plus of this set.

In another look, we combine a long, flying skirt with ruffles and a loose top in muted colors.  Pay special attention to the combination of textures and shades when choosing sets. This is important because an incorrectly selected color can not produce the desired effect. This image will be appropriate both for the beach and for the evening, on a walk or a date by the sea. Delicate bracelets or elongated neck jewelry in the evening will perfectly complement the look.


Try to choose a similar option for your vacation, and you will definitely not be disappointed! We guarantee a romantic mood, beautiful photos, and the opportunity to feel like Aphrodite appeared from the sea. Have an interesting, beautiful, and stylish holiday!

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