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“Our Love Story: ‘I Found Bethany Attractive – But I Assumed She Was Straight'”

Prior to the pandemic, Bethany’s job with an educational charity had her traveling across the UK regularly, albeit often staying at less-than-glamorous hotels. “It was a lovely job, but quite lonely,” she reflects. “I couldn’t join any evening classes as I was away so much.” Seeking connection, she ventured into online groups and stumbled upon a Twitter community dedicated to fans of the TV show Good Omens, which she had been watching. “I discovered this lovely group of people and found out there would be a small convention for the show’s fans to raise money for an Alzheimer’s charity.”

The convention was the brainchild of Rachael, based in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. “I had recently moved back to the UK after working in the US and Australia,” she recalls. Eager to establish connections locally, Rachael envisioned a convention for Good Omens enthusiasts, drawing upon her experience organizing events for Star Trek and Harry Potter fans in the past. Through a Twitter callout, she assembled a group of like-minded individuals, and the planning commenced.

Bethany was drawn to Rachael’s enthusiasm and dedication to fostering a welcoming environment. “She seemed invested in creating a warm atmosphere,” Bethany notes. “I liked being in a group where I could be geeky and proud.” Offering to assist with the planning, Bethany’s involvement deepened their bond.

Their friendship flourished post-convention, marked by regular meetups for theater outings and shared adventures. “I was living in Peterborough with my mum, and Rachael was in Beaconsfield,” Bethany recounts, “so it meant we’d stay with each other for a few days at a time.”

Despite their growing closeness, neither had entertained thoughts of romance. “I found Bethany attractive, but I thought she was straight,” Rachael admits. Similarly, Bethany, navigating the end of her marriage, had never considered the possibility of a same-sex relationship. However, as they spent more time together, Bethany began to recognize a deeper connection. “I’d never felt such a strong attachment,” she reflects.

In early 2020, a spontaneous kiss marked a turning point in their relationship. Holidaying together and facing lockdown restrictions solidified their commitment, culminating in a decision to cohabit in Milton Keynes. Their relationship blossomed further, characterized by shared interests, mutual support, and profound love.

Their journey together encountered challenges, including Bethany’s mother’s illness and Rachael’s hospitalization due to asthma and Covid complications. Through it all, they leaned on each other for strength and support, reinforcing the bond that had grown between them.

Their love story culminated in a Good Omens-themed wedding in July 2022, a testament to their shared interests and enduring commitment. Despite facing hardships, they continue to cherish each other, finding solace and joy in their shared journey.

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