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Which Moissanite is closest to a diamond?

You can always go with Moissanite. It is inexpensive, long-lasting, and environmentally sustainable. Moissanite cuts were developed years ago to figure out the ideal angles of refraction of light through moissanite. Furthermore, well-shaped moissanite cuts shine brightly and portray a lively stone for the perfect ring.

This precious stone is created in a laboratory because they are found in such small quantities naturally. The extra sparkly characteristics of moissanite fascinates many people. Also, it is an undeniably beautiful and valuable gem on its own.

Moissanite and diamond almost have the same hardness. However, there are small choices you can make in terms of size, cut and shape which can make your moissanite look even closer to a diamond.

Despite the fact that moissanite is only graded on color, the cuts are extremely important too. The reason for this is that the cut will help determine the look and most importantly the sparkle of your gemstone. The chemical makeup and internal structure of Moissanite result in extremely high light dispersion. Simply put, the fire or sparkle of the stone can be easily brought out.

The shape of your stone

Because diamonds can have infinite variations in characteristics and quality, any high-quality moissanite can look like any specific diamond if their specs match. Some shapes, however, appear closer than others.


This is one of the most popular and widely used moissanite cuts. The timeless and fashionable moissanite cuts compliments a variety of moissanite jewelry styles. Round cut moissanite is the most similar to a diamond of all shapes. The facets and proportions of the stones are very specific in this cut. The round shape has 58 brilliant facets, making it a magnificent and well-known cut. Exactly like diamond, this cut is made in a way that allows light to interact with it. As a result, distinguishing between a round moissanite and a round diamond is difficult.


Square modified brilliant or princess cut both of them are the same. It is a modern take on the classic round brilliant cut. Princess cuts are close to round cuts in terms of brilliance and optimal light use, with an angular, X-like pattern when viewed from the crown. This is made using a relatively standard faceting pattern, which closely resemble the overall appearance of a princess diamond. There are 57 stunning facets in this cut and it is square in shape. This is because it has a great sparkly effect in the light and has a classic feel to it.


These two cuts have a step cut style that distinguishes them from others. Because of their very straight facets of uniform rectangles and triangles, the sparkle in these cuts is quite subtle. Step cut moissanite will not have much more brilliance and sparkle than a diamond of the same shape, unlike other cuts.


Because diamond has a lower refractive index, it loses some light in elongated cuts, resulting in a more irregular, dispersed type of sparkling pattern. Because of its higher refractive index, moissanite can still achieve the regular and symmetrical brilliant cut faceting pattern seen in round stones.

Best moissanite cut all off

Each moissanite shape has advantages and disadvantages, with facets ranging from 48 to 82, depending on your preference. The most popular amongst all cuts, is the round cut moissanite. While heart cut moissanite is difficult to find today. It all depends on your preferences when it comes to the best moissanite shape. The round brilliant moissanite cut is a good option when you’re not sure what you want. Furthermore, the round cut shape is the most similar to a diamond.

Does size affect a moissanite that looks similar to diamond?

Not entirely, but to a degree. These differences aren’t particularly noticeable, so they don’t detract from their beauty. However, the more light that enters a diamond or moissanite, the more brilliance and fire it displays. Moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamond, which means it has slightly more brilliance, sparkle, and fire than a diamond. This difference becomes more noticeable as the stone grows larger, and it will show slightly more of that colorful disco ball pattern.


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