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Australian News Live: Advocates call for aggressive sexual consent law.Barnaby Joyce attacks audio on online panel | Australian Politics

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UK military could be based in Darwin, minister says

A British soldier based in Australia could be part of the next step towards bringing the two forces closer together.

British Armed Forces Minister James Heapy said during a visit to Australia that it was “not impossible” to have British troops in Darwin, where US Marines are stationed, as the country seeks to expand its influence in the Pacific, the Associated Press reported.

“The topic of what Australia and the US are doing there and whether we should be there comes up quite regularly in the conversation,” he said.

“But we don’t have any positive plans for that, and certainly haven’t discussed it with the Australian government yet.”

Hepay also suggested Australia would join a combat aviation program between Britain, Japan and Italy to develop a stealth jet fighter.

“God, it would be great if Australia wanted to participate,” he said.

Prominent advocates of sexual consent education want legislative changes to improve women’s safety, institutional responses to assault, and better outcomes for survivors, AAP reports.

Tell Us Consent founder Chanel Contos is working with the National Women’s Safety Alliance to seek a nationally consistent legal definition of positive sexual consent.

New South Wales, Queensland, VictoriaBoth Tasmania and the ACT have some form of communicative or affirmative consent law, which means silence or lack of resistance cannot be construed as consent, but WA, SA and the Northern Territory do not.

Advocacy groups say a patchwork of state and territory laws influences police responses, public perceptions of victimhood and jury deliberations in sexual assault cases.

This week, a congressional committee will hear advice from sexual consent advocates, domestic violence groups and legal groups on possible changes to consent laws as part of efforts to better protect victims of assault.

The commission examines conflicts in consent laws across jurisdictions, the effectiveness of jury instructions on consent, the impact of current law on the experience of survivors of the justice system, and the adequacy of educational programs.

2023 Miles Franklin Literary Prize Winners Announced Tonight

Australia’s most prestigious book award, the Miles Franklin Prize, has six authors nominated and will be announced tonight.

The range of candidates are: fiona kelly mcgregorFrom his biographical memoir Iris to Chai Time at the Cinnamon Garden Shankari Chandranaa novel based on the Sri Lankan community of Sydney, and Jessica Oh‘s already famous novel Cold Enough for Snow is about taking an aging mother on vacation to Japan to Limberlost. Robbie Arnottthe only male author on the list.

You can read the full preview here.


good morning. Introducing another blog that tracks all news suitable for publication across Australia.my name is Martin Farrar Before that, here are some appetizers for the night. Natasha May I am addicted to the main course.

The CFMEU Construction Workers Union says Labor must be “more ambitious” in dealing with the housing crisis and it hopes the government will do. 40% excess profits tax Raising billions of dollars to build 750,000 new social and affordable housing units. CFMEU Secretary General, Zach Smithwill speak today at the National Press Club in Canberra.

This morning, the former Labor Minister’s remarks sparked further controversy over a referendum on parliament. Gary Johnslast night he said he refused to quit the no-campaign after doubling down An ‘outdated’ view of the benefits of indigenous peoples. Johns sparked outrage when he said Native Americans should have blood tests to qualify for welfare benefits. Barnaby JoyceAnother prominent critic of the Voice, he spoke at an online panel last night claiming the Voice would become a “quasi-aristocratic house.”

Women’s safety advocates say Australia needs a nationally consistent definition of affirmative consent. Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory do not have such laws and said silence or lack of resistance cannot be construed as consent. This came as a parliamentary committee convened to hear advice on possible changes to the consent law.

up to date Guardian Essential poll show Over 40% of Australians agree Daniel AndrewsThe decision to cancel the Commonwealth Games in Victoria boosted support in the local state to 44%. Western Australia was least likely to agree (36%). And with the Women’s World Cup in full swing, FIFA’s support for equal prize money for women’s players also grew.

https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2023/jul/25/australia-news-live-super-profits-tax-housing-crisis-cfmeu-affirmative-consent-gary-johns-indigenous-voice-to-parliament Australian News Live: Advocates call for aggressive sexual consent law.Barnaby Joyce attacks audio on online panel | Australian Politics

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