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All adults now eligible for COVID-19 booster dose in 2023

The Australian Government has announced from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI) that all adults who have not received a COVID-19 booster or have no confirmed cases in the past 6 months will receive additional protection against severe disease. I accepted the advice that I could get another booster to provide. Illness due to COVID.

ATAGI experts advocate a 2023 booster for everyone at risk for serious illness, i.e., everyone over age 65, and young adults with comorbidities, disabilities, or complex health needs. It is highly recommended that you take

Atagi advises that healthy children and teenagers do not need boosters at this time, given their low incidence of serious illness and high levels of hybrid immunity.

Additional boosters will not be provided to persons under the age of 18, unless, in accordance with Atagi’s advice, children aged 5 to 17 have a medical condition that puts them at risk of serious illness.

In all cases, booster recommendations are for people who had the most recent COVID-19 vaccine or infection more than 6 months ago, regardless of how many previous doses they had.

The vaccine booster advice from ATAGI is specific to the current Australian situation in early 2023. ATAGI said continued monitoring of COVID-19 infection rates, new variants, and vaccine efficacy will determine future recommendations for additional booster doses.

At this booster dose, all available COVID-19 vaccines are expected to benefit. However, Omicron-specific mRNA booster vaccines are preferred over other vaccines.

Recommendations for adding boosters will go into effect on February 20th.

February will see the largest supply of new vaccines to Australia’s COVID vaccine program since late 2021.

Healthcare providers are encouraged to periodically bring local general practitioners and pharmacists into the facility to administer booster doses, depending on the individual resident’s vaccination and infection history.

https://www.nsw.gov.au/2023-covid-19-booster-dose All adults now eligible for COVID-19 booster dose in 2023

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