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Youth vote promises workers to stay in government longer

A collection of mansions won’t help the homeless

What a shame that the Atlassian duo’s love of Sydney real estate hasn’t translated into a legacy they can be truly proud of (“Mansion Mogul: Atlassian Duo’s $523M Portfolio”, December 29). With that kind of money, they could work with the government to house and support homeless people both in Sydney and beyond. Kelly Weeby, Blacktown

The billionaire owners of Atlassian invest in the finest legacies, but have a good business approach and their products are well known around the world. They call themselves accidental millionaires, but they keep a humble attitude in their business and personal lives. We should be very proud of these Australians. Susan Chang, St Ives

The homeless and those who can’t afford a home must be wondering why two people need so many homes worth over $500 million when they clearly can’t live in all of them. Kon Weitzas, Ashbury

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credit:John Shakespeare

I find the Atlassian duo’s investment reporting to be intrusive. They and their families deserve privacy. Please be considerate. Alison Stewart, Waitara

What do the Atlassian founders do with all this assets? Perhaps their real estate portfolio includes low-cost housing for all those who have no place to live at all, that would be great it might be. Jane Howland, Cameray

The Mike Cannon-Brooks family, over 20 mansions. Did you think Mike believed in fighting climate change? Doesn’t he realize that mass overconsumption is destroying the planet? Richard Abram, Bexley

As a fan of Mike Cannon Brooks and his renewable energy push, I was disappointed to read his home portfolio. Isn’t that the case? If this is the case, how can we incentivize investment? Roslyn Jeffrey, Castle Hill

The next time you see a man in a hoodie, you’ll wonder how much money he’s recently spent on real estate. Angela Miller, Bondi Junction

republican question

your correspondent (letter, December 29) enumerated questions about how the republic would work before advocating unlacing the apron. But each of these questions, such as the nomination/election process, powers, tenure, and oversight, are equally applicable to the current process. John Pick, Cremorne

Regional centers also need reform

Rob Stokes makes a lot of sense (“CBD is dead. Long live the Central Social District, Dec 29), don’t stop by Sydney’s CBD. Unfortunately, Wollongong’s central district is lacking in activity, and sociable and bright minds keep our city alive. I am sure many other areas can be lifted in both business and spirit as well. As long as alcohol and other social ailments are kept under watch, the revitalization of provincial cities will be a sure outcome. There is a possibility. Janice Cleanone, Austin Mar

Brave Wollongong

Rob Stokes is looking forward to a fun-filled 2023 with better inner-city planning and relaxation. This is based on the changes and impacts of COVID-19 on our work and recreational habits. Stokes forgets there was a lockout of his party before the COVID-inspired lockdown. The latter has affected business closures almost as severely as COVID has ever done, robbing the CBD of lives and livelihoods. What we are seeing now is not the emergence of a new trend, as he claims, but the slow evolution of what would have happened had it not been for his infamous five-plus-year lockout law. Fred Janson, Rose Bay

There are many crosses

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: If you’re looking for a truly high street suburb of Sydney, come to King’s Cross (letter, December 29). Coles on one end, Woolleys on the other, Harris Farm in the middle, in no particular order: a post office, a library, two banks, two pubs, a few chemists and a medical center, two newsagents. there is. Bookstores, many women’s clothing stores, many hair salons and barbershops, picture frame shops, several flower shops, toy stores, antique centers. Feeling hungry? Yes, it’s not just McCus and Kentucky Fried Chicken, but there are also some classy restaurants, an ice cream parlor, two sushi places, and a back alley alfresco eatery. Finally, community shops, too many gyms, and he has one strip joint. I think there is something for everyone. Hugh O’Keeffe, Elizabeth Bay

Willoughby Street shops

Willoughby Street shopscredit:Nick More

Like the manly local shopping district, Willoughby Road is a thoroughfare under the control of the state government. The 60km/h speed limit and heavy vehicle use make it unfriendly and dangerous, with limited parking at peak times and a very unwelcoming area. If the government is serious about getting rid of the vacant shops on the boulevard, it would start by limiting traffic to 40km/h, beautify these centers, and create proper safe crosswalks and places for visitors to gather and sit. , can provide subsidies to local councils to provide facilities for gathering. Brian McDonald, Willoughby

clean litter bugs

Garbage slob editorial (“Garbage slobs must clean up for their deeds or pay the price, Dec. 29) reminds me of my childhood in the 1960s. Around that time, I must have been educated about trash in elementary school and reprimanded her mother for littering out of her car. she stopped it. Children’s education is an important part of the answer. Another part of the solution may not be to impose financial fines, but for violators to spend time cleaning up trash under the supervision of the city council as a form of community service. Seeing beaches, parks, and roads strewn with trash is a sad reflection of a selfish society that refuses to accept individual responsibility for one’s actions. Gordon Stenning, Seaforth

Christmas trash left on Bronte Beach

Christmas trash left on Bronte Beach

If Christmas festivities had arrived at the Bronte Beach dump instead of leaving, the general attitude towards littering would have been different. The idea of ​​someone cleaning up after you is outdated. After decades of anti-littering campaigns, it’s time for people to own their trash like any other property. The same applies to backpackers who come here to share the great weather and beautiful beaches. Cleaning up after yourself should now be as automatic as wearing a seatbelt. I don’t expect anyone else to wear it. Viv Munter, Pennant Hills

Increase police presence on the beach due to chaos (letter, December 29)? What a silly idea. Friendly people walking around with trash bags entertain you at an open-air concert at The Domain. Maggie Ramsay, Wooloomoo

torpedo nuclear submarine

Few Australian scientists and engineers would choose a career devoted to the operation and maintenance of nuclear submarines (“Scientists split over support for nuclear technology”, December 29). With a relatively small number of Physics graduates, we look forward to more exciting careers in pure or applied research in fields that are beneficial to Australia and humanity. The incredibly long timeline for delivery of a nuclear submarine is not a motivating factor in devoting this technology. Also, the planned delivery time and cost can be blown away and the entire project can become a disaster. Isn’t it too late to reconsider this type of submarine? If the government goes ahead with this purchase, it will have to contract with the supplier to provide some or all of the nuclear engineers and engineers at the time of delivery. Jeff Harding, Chatswood

Small talk for Marxists

In light of recent correspondence about polite or pro-forma expressions in general, Groucho Marx once said: I can’t wait to use it. Lindsey Smith, Linden

astonishingly wonderful

To the battle of words (letter29 December), a cricket commentator wants to tell us that a batsman has just made a great cricket shot. Robin Lewis, Raglan

Don’t get me started “Don’t get me started…” George Manojlovic, Mangerton

In addition to the observation that interviewees rarely answer “that’s a silly question”, Richard Carlton’s “blood on your hands” after Hawke replaced Bill Hayden I’m sure many of us still remember Bob Hawke’s answer to the question. Opposition leader. I don’t think Bob stopped there. David Corry, Como West

Maybe it’s time to remember the words of Zaphod Beeblebrox. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “We’re not going to be great. We’re not going to be amazing. We’re going to be amazing!” Mark Westwood, Narooma

christmas turkey

And when it's Christmas time...

And when it’s Christmas time…credit:Taronga Conservation Society

Brush turkeys seem to be taking over and are becoming an even bigger nuisance than bottle chickens. Is not it? Rob Mills, Riverview

digital view
Online comments from one of the stories that garnered the most reader feedback yesterday smh.com.au
Disputed room: Apartment dwellers try to ban neighbors from smoking on balconies
from Diane D.: ″⁣ Quitting smoking is difficult, but please give priority to those who want to take care of their health and those who do not smoke.It is also about unpleasant odors.I have never smoked, but I smoke at work I have lung damage from passive smoking since the days when smoking was allowed.”

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