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Yarrawonga residents help keep Paradise Queen balanced in the water after stormy weather

The Yarrawonga community has been celebrated for their efforts to keep their iconic local boats balanced on the water.

The then-moored Paradise Queen began descending from the Yarrawonga foreshore into Lake Mulwala after strong waves from stormy weather hit the back of the boat.

Police and paramedics responded around 9pm on Monday and before midnight a formal cessation of the incident was declared.

Police also confirmed that about 60 people were on the boat.

Paradise Queen owner Travis Smith appreciates efforts to limit damage to vessels that have operated in the community for almost 40 years.

“They were actually trying to balance the boat on the front deck so they could get the boat back above the waterline to give it a chance to pump out the water,” he said.

“It’s the type of community we live in.

“Everyone was happy to help. [to] help me down “

could have been worse

Resident Sherry Beale posted on Facebook that she noticed the Paradise Queen drinking water after 8pm.

“[We] Jumped on to help keep nose down [with about 50 others] All volunteers,” she said.

“I put on a life jacket and two and a half hours later [we were] Emergency services asked me to board a boat.

“A huge effort by everyone involved.”

An excavator was used to apply more pressure to the front of the boat.(By: Jason Davis)

Smith said a local businessman brought an excavator to keep the boat from drinking too much water.

He said the excavator put more pressure on the front of the boat, allowing it to pump water from the rear.

“It’s because of that help and a little bit of community spirit that we’re still here,” he said.

“We have not been able to handle as much damage as possible.”

“They basically stay afloat”

Smith said the boat did not sink even if help did not come.

“It’s not an open-hull boat,” he said.

“They are closed pontoons, so they basically stay afloat.

“But you wouldn’t want to leave the boat in that position for too long, as it would only damage the ship.”

He said the boat had been cleaned and should be up and running by the end of the week.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-01-17/mulwala-paradise-queen-boat-recovery-wild-weather/101864344 Yarrawonga residents help keep Paradise Queen balanced in the water after stormy weather

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