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Xi wants ‘Great Iron Wall’ and expanding China’s global role

Beijing: President Xi Jinping called for China to play a bigger role in managing world affairs after Beijing hosted talks and won a diplomatic coup. Saudi Arabia and Iran agree to resume diplomatic ties.

He said China needs to modernize its military into a “great wall of iron”.

When it comes to Taiwan, he said China must oppose independence and separatist activities and interference by outside forces.

Chinese President Xi Jinping applauds at the closing ceremony of China’s National People’s Congress held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Monday.credit:APs

President Xi Jinping gave a speech closing the National People’s Congress on Monday, following a legislative session that set up a loyalist government to strengthen his control over the economy and society.

China should “actively participate in reforming and building the global governance system” and promote “global security initiatives,” President Xi Jinping said in his final speech at the annual meeting of China’s ceremonial Legislative Council. said in


It “adds positive energy to world peace and development and creates a favorable international environment for China’s development,” Xi said.

Xi did not elaborate on the ruling Communist Party’s ambitions, but since coming to power in 2012, his government has pursued an increasingly aggressive foreign policy. Developing countries.

Beijing is also embracing China’s growing influence as its second largest economy to promote trade and construction initiatives that Washington, Tokyo, Moscow and New Delhi are concerned about expanding its strategic influence. is based on.

https://www.smh.com.au/world/asia/xi-wants-bigger-global-role-for-china-to-foster-peace-and-development-20230313-p5crpj.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_world Xi wants ‘Great Iron Wall’ and expanding China’s global role

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