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Worried about data safety? Don’t join the club

your correspondent (letter, 30 September) suggests that elected heads of state will be given powers of attorney, but this is not the case. A future elected head of state can only do what the constitution allows. He or she may not exercise discretionary powers if the Constitution provides that they do not. Now the governor-general must always act on the advice of the government at the time, including signing bills. This does not change. Brendan Jones, Annandale

By electing a head of state, what is immediately created is opposition to the elected prime minister’s government. This makes it very likely that there will be conflict between her two elected bodies and ambiguity. At the moment, it doesn’t. Wayne Duncombe, Lilyfield

destined date

I was born on Christmas Day 1931 (letter,September 30). A young friend kindly told me that Aunt Coral and Jesus were born on the same day. I’m glad it was given priority. Coral Button, North Epping

My husband was part of 3 sets of twins. His two children were born on the same day. My brother who was born on my 3rd birthday has 2 sons with the same birthday. This reduces the number of dates to remember. Meredith Williams, Northmead

My wife and I were married on September 9, 1999 at 3:33 pm. John Loveridge, Tewentin (Qld)

My late husband and I each celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday on her birthday. Currently one of my granddaughters has her partner’s birthday on her mother’s birthday. Don’t forget any of these. Judy Powell, West Pennant Hills

birthday cakecredit:age

My husband’s parents and the postmaster who read out the telegram we sent from Canberra, “Be safe and happy with ACT”, never forgot our wedding anniversary. Elizabeth Maher, Bangor

I was born the day before Easter (1949). Since then, this three event of his (his April 16th birthday on the Saturday before Easter) has occurred only twice for him. 1960 and once this year. Now I have to live until 2033. Michael Haden, Kiama Downs

Premier’s plan to end quarantine ends in disaster

Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet says people should “accept personal responsibility” and stay home if sick (“End COVID-19 Quarantine“,September 30). Has he, the prime minister, or the chief medical officer cited evidence that this is what people have done before? Did they cite evidence? And did they consult first with the AMA and other premier community organizations that care for indigenous peoples, the elderly and the disabled? And most importantly, they agreed mosquito? Jennifer Fergus, Croydon

While there is still much to learn about the impact of COVID-19, the high mortality rates among people with chronic health problems and the long-term destruction of COVID-19’s lives suggest that the disease can be insidious. suggests that There is only one sensible conclusion. COVID should not be taken lightly and everyone should take steps to avoid being infected or re-infected for the sake of their short-term and long-term health. Wearing a mask on public transport and during quarantine may no longer be mandatory, but it is recommended that these practices continue for the health of individuals and others. Jeff Harding, Chatswood

Premier Don Perrotet

Premier Don Perrotetcredit:Alex Ellinghausen

The Prime Minister’s plan to scrap the five-day quarantine for COVID is as well thought out as some of the government’s recent public transport decisions. The UK economy was rapidly in free fall. The Prime Minister of New South Wales seems determined to take a different route and do something similar. Paul Paramore, Sawtell

Once Perrottet has a master’s degree in epidemiology, listen to his advice on mandated quarantines and other COVID issues. Long-term he asks COVID sufferers how they are enjoying the freedom to live with COVID. David Baird, Balladoo

When Little Johnny comes home from school with COVID, Mama sends a “little plague” back to school the next day because there are no mandatory quarantine rules. As a result, more and more teachers are absent due to illness, further exacerbating the shortage of teachers. This is just the beginning of the domino effect this will have. And what about our overwhelmed hospital system and overworked doctors and nurses? Tracy Galanos, Hunter’s Hill

How extensively did Perrottet consult with medical professionals before advocating abolition of mandatory quarantines for COVID-19? Previous COVID spikes appeared to coincide with his easing of restrictions. I can’t help but wonder if the overworked doctors and nurses dealing with the 69 COVID deaths and 1,176 hospitalizations in South Wales last week support his approach. Robert Baker, Chatswood

featured person

We, along with Joseph Banks and Caroline Chisholm, disposed of the original colonialist five-dollar bill (letter, September 30), replacing the monarch that was already stamped on all coins. He also hosted a one-year Commonwealth Anniversary Special Edition with Henry Parkes and Katherine Spence. And now we have a few thoughts about who will be next to grace this popular banknote? Clearly, the Flying Purple People Eater is the frontrunner. Wendy Jansen, Newport

My great-grandfather, Michael Temple, was one of the last prisoners. Surely he’s worth taking notes? Keith Russell, Mayfield West

sydney song

Michael Koziol should listen to Richard Clapton songs the best years of our lives (“Why aren’t there more songs glorifying Sydney?” September 30). I don’t know if it glorifies Sydney, but the songs that refer to ghosts howling in Oxford Street, Bondi Lifesavers and Bondi Icebergs are at least quintessential Sydney. Lisa Clark, Watsons Bay

Australian composer Moya Henderson

Australian composer Moya Hendersoncredit:Marco Del Grande

Betraying an adolescent love of music, Michael Koziol may be inspired to expand his tastes. Patrick White’s novels often celebrate Sydney, as do many of David Williamson’s plays. Even those with a modest interest in the visual arts will be familiar with the harbor paintings and cityscapes of Arthur Streeton and his contemporaries. But music? I urge him to explore Moya Henderson’s music. confession to my dog, About Our Criminal World, and Six Urban Songs (to White’s Poetry). Sydney is well known for our wide range of arts. John Carmody, Roseville

Thank you, Michael Koziol, for raising awareness of the song, especially the lack thereof, about Sydney. 1962 classic by Frankie Davidson Have you been to see King’s Cross? Paul Johnson, Malabar

went to the pot

Surely your correspondent (letter, September 30) recognize that you can not only smoke cannabis covertly at concerts, but you can also eat cannabis in cakes and biscuits. The only problem is that you end up with a pot belly. John Bailey, Canterbury

housing solutions

In the old days, you could rent a room in a private house, or live more permanently in a boarding house (letter,September 30). Rent was cheap and often included breakfast and dinner. Renting a room in a private home helped me work as a teacher in my new town. Then renting a room helped me pay my mortgage for a small house in the suburbs. Will such an arrangement be a solution that will help ease the mortgage costs and rental crisis once and for all, or has society changed too much to trust strangers? ? Ellie Hallett, Toowoomba (Qld)

Fee category

The proposed National Anti-Corruption Commission would be responsible for investigating possible corruption and would not prosecute those accused of corruption (letter,September 30). As with any investigation of illegal activity, this should be done privately, not publicly. Hearing time is when charges are filed and the case is brought to court. Let’s not unnecessarily damage people’s reputations or public trust in institutions. Brian Rathbone, Greenwich

Some of your correspondents suggest that retroactivity should be sacrificed to ensure that the new Federal Anti-Corruption Agency gets through Congress. We believe that retroactivity is essential. I look forward to the members of Congress who vote against the legislation and who admit to being corrupt. Marjorie Sutcliffe of The Rocks

If the Commission does not have retroactive powers, it will function properly only while Labor is in power. By convention, if the Coalition were to return to government, anything that threatened its activities would find some way to recover its funds, stack it with allies, or otherwise neutralize it. Greg Thompson, Vega


late queen elizabeth

late queen elizabethcredit:Getty

The Queen left the pages of the letter this week after much royal debate, but the relevant topic of the Republic continued. We thoroughly considered what we needed and what the leader could be titled. In a few more weeks, the authors of the letter will be able to sort it out and submit a petition to Congress.
Another big topic this week was the Federal State Anti-Corruption Commission. The letter’s authors unanimously agreed, and what has not yet been sorted out is the question of all-open, partial-open, or all-closed hearings and whether the investigation should be retrospective or now. There were strong arguments for and against all these points.
The NSW Government has announced that it may appoint ‘best action advisors’ and ‘parent advocacy teams’ to schools. These ideas were met with derision, and writers saw them as mere layers of bureaucracy for overworked and underpaid teachers.
Old favorites public transport are also back on the page, with delayed deliveries of new trains and ferries that failed to serve as primary targets, but the government recognized its mishandling of the entire system over the years. That was also a problem. Strong themes.
The bright side of the week was the mnemonic used by writers to keep track of birthdays and wedding anniversaries. To avoid years of trouble, we try to coincide with national holidays.
Harriet Veitch, Deputy Letter Editor

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