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World Wildlife Fund ranks NSW government last, SA first, in Australia in combating deforestation

The New South Wales Government has ranked last out of every state and federal government in combating deforestation. 

It comes as environmental activists and traditional owners protest logging on the north coast.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia Trees Scorecard compares how much logging happens in a state, how much of that is native forest logging, and what policies are in place to end or reduce logging.

The report ranks South Australia first, with a score of 65 per cent, finding the state has “no native forest logging, strong commitments, and a range of conservation programs”.

The Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Western Australia were next on the list, and all received  an “average” score from WWF, which the report said showed “while all have work to do, there has also been progress”.

The federal government, Northern Territory and Tasmania all returned a score of “poor”.

The WWF ranked NSW last with a score of 24 per cent, and Queensland second-last.

“NSW and Queensland sit at the bottom of the leaderboard, both scoring ‘very poor’ with opportunities for both states to increase their rank with the right type of commitment and action,” the report said.

WWF Towards Two Billion Trees project senior manager Stuart Blanch said he hoped the report would spur more action on deforestation.

“The message for New South Wales is ‘the only way is up’,” Dr Blanch said.

“The good news is that there’s people within the NSW government and other groups who understand things need to change so I hope this score card pushes along those reforms.”

Newry State Forest holds cultural importance to the Gumbaynggirr people. (Supplied: Bellingen Activist Network)

According to the report, 36 per cent of NSW’s forests and woodlands are intact, compared with 45 per cent of Queensland’s.

Protests in Newry Forest

The scorecard comes as protesters lock themselves to machinery to disrupt logging in Newry State Forest, south of Coffs Harbour.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-08-03/wwf-ranks-nsw-government-last-australia-combating-deforestation/102683524 World Wildlife Fund ranks NSW government last, SA first, in Australia in combating deforestation

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