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Working Caregiver Stories | Government of New South Wales

In addition to caring for patients and the community, many staff work as caregivers. Nepean Hospital Clinical Her Nurse We heard from Sue, her specialist, for personal insight into her experience as a caregiver.

This is her story.

“My grandmother came to live with me after a fall in 2018. She was 105 and lived alone at home. was with meth birthday.

Caring for her was very hard, but it was also fun.

We have set up a hospital bed in the lounge room. There were air mattresses, oxygen concentrators, emergency bells, wheelchairs, walkers, showers and toilet aids. Since I was working full time, someone came twice a day to take care of Nana. I took care of Nana morning, night, night, Saturday and Sunday. Looking back, she doesn’t know how she did it.

Being a caregiver has a lot to organize. Aged Care Services, Advanced Care Plans, Palliative Care, and you’re the spokesperson for Health Services, Centrelink, My Aged Care, Banking, Electricity, and Phone. I had to learn very quickly about the system and funding of aged care services. I learn a lot of things I didn’t know before and by trial and error I learn a lot of what I did.

Since then, at work, I meet other nurses who have just started their journey with their parents and share with them how things work and what they need to do to organize their services. I was able to do it.

My colleagues and managers at work are very supportive and I am very grateful. I left work early and had to take an unexpected vacation. This always made me uneasy because I used to delegate my work to other people. But it was comforting to go home and know that I could deal with what was going on at home.

Nursing is a very difficult job. Caregivers are encouraged to seek and accept support from family, friends, and caregiver support services. Don’t think you have to do it alone. It’s too difficult, so you need support around you. Take care of yourself, sleep well, eat healthy, take breaks and find time to have fun.

My career journey is not over. My mother has dementia and I go to a nursing home five days a week to care for her.

It’s an honor to take care of someone you love. they took care of you. It’s a reward, but it doesn’t come without a price. As a caregiver, there are times when it’s hard, but there are also good memories.”

https://www.nsw.gov.au/a-working-carers-story Working Caregiver Stories | Government of New South Wales

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