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Wood Heater Performance with The Ease of Gas!

Love the view of the contemporary-looking Cypress GS2? It could undoubtedly turn around your home’s outlook. The freestanding gas fireplace goes beyond beauty to meet functionality. The picture is a standout feature in ‘The Casa,’ a recently renovated and more of a Mediterranean-style guest house from the heart of the NSW Kangaroo Valley.

Speak of low maintenance and effortless use, and the Cypress offers you more. It mimics a freestanding wood stove in terms of appearance and the feel it invites into your living atmosphere, courtesy of its award-winning burner technology.

Wood heaters are desirable for their rustic aesthetic but aren’t always easy to run and maintain, so why not get a fireplace that provides wood heater performance with the ease of gas!

The Casa- Kangaroo Valley Guest House

The design ethos of ‘The Casa’ pretty much revolves around simplicity to evoke the unmatched importance of pared-back living. Remember the renowned art gallery with the same name? The two have a similar history with the architect-designed escape featuring sustainable, eco-friendly properties in a breathtaking and charming natural environment.

For its overall style, ‘The Casa,’ borrows some inspiration from the warm and imperfect character of the Mediterranean farmhouses. The materiality has organic shapes, raw textures, and of course, some contemporary touches, thanks to its nature-inspired palette.

True Freestanding Small Wood Heater Replacement

Do you enjoy the sight of dancing fire flames? Who wouldn’t? The Cypress features the Ember-Fyre Burner, dancing flames, and a high-definition log set that attains the true likeness of a wood-burning stove. Better yet, you won’t have to source and store wood!

Identical to a modern wood stove, the Cypress has two methods for providing the warmth you seek; radiant and convection heat. The former is produced off the furnace in straight lines, so think of warming your back around a campfire. The latter mimics a forced air furnace delivering super-heated warmth beyond the living room to the entire house through natural convection.

While it’s everything like a wood stove, a feature stands out; it gives you control from the palm of your hand. Coming with a Green Smart 2 remote control, you can change a few things as per your liking. It includes the temperature, thermostat mode, flame height, accent lights, and the six varying fan speeds.

Same Fireplace, Different Look

Is it a traditional or modern gas fireplace for you? Both the Greenfield and Cypress are similar regarding functionality and internal design but with an entirely different cosmetic look. The cast iron Greenfield takes up a traditional fireplace design, showcasing clean lines, graceful proportionality, and the timeless cast iron appeal. This way, it is a true heat source and a fantastic piece of furniture in your home.

Both models incorporate a three-sided glass design to let you view the therapeutic dancing flames from literally any angle of the room.

Ease of Installation

While you may contemplate getting yourself one of these freestanding gas fireplaces, installation may be a daunting factor in mind. The good news is that these stoves don’t need any surrounding enclosure to be built around them. As such, it reduces the complexity of the installation while offering you significantly low set-up costs with increased positioning options. This way, your new year’s makeover extends to every part of your living room!

The Cypress and Greenfield also have versatile venting options, so you can preferably have the flue running off the top of the heat source or directly off the rear.


With technology comes a better quality of life with easy-to-use gas fireplaces with a heater performance and aesthetic appeal of wood. Besides, you have more control and an unending supply, so you never have to store wood ever again! But, that’s not all; you can complement your home’s style with the traditional-looking fireplace or go sleek and modern. Get yourself unlimited warmth with everything you need in one fireplace!

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