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Why you need dog supplies?

All dog owners need to have a reliable store where they can find everything to make a dog’s life better. To get the dog in control during the walk choose durable gear – harness, collar, and leash. Why do you need that? Oh, I know that all of us have the same situations. During the walk, a dog starts pulling and vacuuming crap outside. And you think about “OMG, I give you the best food, what’s wrong with you, dude?” In order to avoid such situations, you should choose the store where you can find the best dog supplies. Waudog.com — will break your heart and make your furbaby irresistible. Here we explain what supplies do you need and why it is so important.

Why do I need to buy dog collars online?

Nowadays the use of a collar is an integral part of walking with your doggy. And the absence of such an accessory can lead to serious problems like fine and unpleasant situations with other dogs. Each collar has its proper functions. Some collars were created specifically for training, while other help to control behavior.

Buy accessories for dog online at Waudog depending on your preferences. For example, for those ones who love to swim in puddles and jump in the dirt, we created an innovative collection — Waterproof. It is made of Collartex material. This material is resistant to water and dirt. Moreover, a mint collar glows in the dark and you no need to charge it. Just place the Waterproof collar on a windowsill and voila! You also can buy dog harness online.

The next collection is Nylon, there are a lot of attractive patterns and our pride – NASA pattern, which is official NASA merch! You can choose any pattern: NASA, Red Plaid, Summer, WOW, and avocado. We have collars, step-in/ overhead/ soft harnesses, leashes, overalls, raincoats, vests, ID tags. The only thing that we don’t have, it’s dog beer. heh.

It will be our little secret — all harnesses and collars made by Waudog are equipped with FREE QR tags. QR tag is a modern digital solution for pet lovers. Moreover, you have access to a free mobile app where you can store all necessary information concerning your doggy. QR tag prevents classes of losses, with each filled line, you simplify the process of finding the owner. In addition, you can provide several owners and several phone numbers in the profile for greater confidence. Nutrition and health conditions will help the finder to keep the pet while you are searching.

A multifunctional organizer that allows you to keep all documents digitized and structured, helps to effectively plan events in the pet’s life, as well as saves money on purchases. The application allows you to store information about several pets at the same time, creating profiles of each separately. It’s a very useful device for modern dog owners. This QR tag will provide peace of mind and comfort for your doggy.

Now you understand how important to buy high-quality and innovative dog supplies. We are waiting for you at Waudog.com!


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