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Why Are Private Jets Better Than Commercial?

Private jet travel is becoming more and more popular amongst individuals and businesses. With the ease of use, fantastic comfort, and the ability to work on the go, there are numerous advantages to travelling privately instead of commercially.

There are more benefits to using a private jet charter than just comfort. Here are the most significant advantages to choosing private jet travel over commercial.

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Convenience has always been a huge advantage that private air travel has had over commercial. You have shorter waiting times while at the airport; you can sometimes set up a flight and take off within 30 minutes, and private jets can often use much smaller airstrips.

Private air travel doesn’t require nearly the same amount of waiting and admin compared to commercial. Private jet travel is simply easier and quicker. This is why it is so popular with businesses and businessmen.


Private jets are faster than commercial airlines; that is a simple fact. The process of getting to the airport, waiting for your flight, boarding and flying, is all quicker than what you would experience on any commercial airline.

Once again, this is a huge plus for business people and companies as they can hop onto a flight at a moment’s notice and be where they need to be within a couple of hours. Longer flight times are also cut when travelling privately.

Private jets also have access to thousands of smaller airports and airstrips, often airstrips that commercial flights can’t land at. This means flight times can be cut just a little bit more.


When you think of comfort when flying, your first thoughts are probably legroom, the seats, entertainment features and the like. While you can get all of these things on a commercial flight, you will need to travel Business or First Class to experience them.

This is the standard on private jets. You get the big, comfy seats, ample legroom, soft carpets, and all the entertainment you may need. The difference can be like comparing a small room on a cruise ship to a luxury villa. A private jet will trounce commercials every day of the week.

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If you want to use a flight to work, hold meetings or have a few business calls, Business and First Class will work, but if you’re on a packed and busy flight, you will struggle to find the quiet and private place you want.

Private jets are called “private” for a reason. You can have the entire aircraft to yourself, allowing you to have a quiet environment for you to do work. Considering private jets are used for work purposes all the time, this level of privacy and quiet is unmatched in the air.


You can expect drinks, snacks, and a meal or two on a commercial flight, depending on how far you are flying. While this is sufficient for most travellers, sometimes you may want to get more out of your flight, especially if you are entertaining clients.

Private jets can have everything from a small, onboard kitchen to beds and a full bathroom. These extras turn a private jet into a small apartment and make both long and short-haul flights much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Ease of Access

As mentioned earlier, there is almost no need to even go to a major airport to use a private jet most of the time. Private jets can be kept at nearly any airstrip and don’t require anywhere near the same infrastructure as a commercial aircraft.

This allows them to take off and land at the most convenient strip, cutting down on travel time flying time and making the overall experience a more slim-lined process.

Overall Experience

Combining all of these aspects can paint a picture that private air travel is simply better than travelling commercially. It is quicker, more comfortable, allows for more work to get done, and turns air travel into something that can be incredibly productive.

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The Safety Question

There is always a question of safety when it comes to air travel, with some thinking that private jets are in some way less safe than commercial aircraft. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Private jet pilots need to undergo the same training and checks, and the aircraft needs to tick the same boxes and pass the same tests as a regular commercial aircraft. Therefore, private jets are not more or less safe than commercial flights.

Private air travel has exploded in popularity due to more and more companies and individuals realising the benefits of travelling in their own aircraft. It’s more comfortable, you can get more work done and be more productive, and it makes the often tedious activity of flying much more bearable.


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