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Which Type of Garage Door Opener Remote to Buy

In the modern world, a person everyday face the automation of various processes in the field of access control to the territory, whether it is shopping or business centers, house, or public parking. How do all these automatic devices for managing barriers and gates work? It’s very simple, all these systems function by receiving and sending a radio wave. The remote control, or remote transmitter, is responsible for sending the command to the automated device.

Remote controls for gates and barriers are work on the principle of radio signal identification. According to the specifics of synchronization, remotes can be of 2 types:

  • Original – designed only for one model, providing the highest degree of safety;
  • Universal – capable of “learning” to control multiple gate devices, which partly reduces protection against hacking.

The original keychains are programmed so that their signal is recognized by only one control node of a certain device. They are more expensive because they are a unique product that provides the highest level of security, but, at the same time, they cannot be used to monitor different shut-off systems.

Universal remote controls are able to cover several security systems at once, including entrance gates, a barrier, roller shutters, garage doors, etc. Such garage door remotes are now in high demand since they provide maximum convenience with a good level of protection.

Main characteristics

Let’s take a closer look at the main characteristics by which remote controls differ:

1) The radio frequency used and the signal transmission distance

To transmit a signal between the remote control and the receiver, two main radio frequencies are used, which are 433.92 MHz (+/- 100 kHz) and 868.35 MHz (+/- 100 kHz). 433.92 MHz is more popular among manufacturers of automation for gates and barriers, but sometimes there is a situation when, due to the density of urban development, it is needed to get closer to automation for signaling. On the streets of the big cities, popular frequencies are heavily loaded, so their transmission is difficult. In addition, the signal transmission line is greatly affected by various frequency interference caused by the magnetic field of specific electrical equipment. Buy the way, do not forget about the density of buildings and natural barriers of the area. However, despite all the difficulties, automatics manufacturers are trying to fill up all of this by installing a more powerful nutrient element and increasing the power of the signal, or installing an additional signal amplification antenna and repeaters. On average, the basic distances of signal transmission of modern remotes range from 50 to 200 meters.

2) The number of individual radio channels or buttons

The number of channels located on the remote control affects the number of devices connected and controlled from it. Sometimes there are several automated systems at one company, such as barriers, industrial sectional doors, sliding gates, etc., and therefore there is a need to monitor all these systems from a single remote control. Sometimes it is necessary to use it not only for automated access control systems but for the programmed house-side street lighting or roller shutter window systems.

As a rule, the number of buttons on the remotes does not exceed four, as is quite enough for a comfortable organization of automation.

3) Type of transmitted signal and coding system

Each of us at least once thought about the reliability of the system used or whether the failures are possible. So, there are two types of the radio signal for transmitting commands to the gate automation or barrier, called Statistical and Dynamic. Nowadays, systems using Dynamic code are considered more modern, the main distinguishing feature of which is change according to a certain algorithm after each signal transmission to the receiver. As the systems use Dynamic code, they can set them in certain ranges, which can reach trillions of combinations. Therefore, it is not worth thinking that someone will hack or copy the code from your remote control, it is absolutely impossible.

4) Design and construction

In today’s market of remote control systems, there are a variety of beautiful and ergonomic key chains. Here are just the main differences between them: the indicator light or the sound is used to indicate the operation of the key fob, the presence of a special hole for fastening on a bunch of keys or a separate strap, the material of which the key chain is made of, metal or plastic, with rubber buttons or plastic and other features.

The bottom line

To conclude, the main task of the remote control is to monitor the gate system by radio signal for the receiver and the key fob itself. The original keychain is able to work only with the original control unit at a given frequency. In turn, the universal keychain has its own base of frequencies and encodings, which it can use for “friendship” with different models from different manufacturers. We are hope, that this article will help you to choose the key, that the best attitude to you. Make the right choice!



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