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Where to park my car?

Everyone, when the travel, want to reduce the possibility of error to the minimum.

One of the great problems, for the travellers, is where to leave their car once they reach the airport. Most of the times they do not have someone that can bring them to the airport. So, they are forced to leave their car somewhere. Well, they need to find the best place to park their car.

But those who decide to leave their car at the airport while traveling is often forced to pay exorbitant amounts. Not to mention the exhausting search for a free seat during the high season. In most cases, travellers choose the nearest, and therefore more expensive, parking for greater convenience and do not evaluate the other options available.

Usually in large airports different types of parking are available, which are essentially divided into two broad categories:

  1. Car parks belonging to the airport. Located a few hundred meters from the airport, these car parks are divided between those used for short-term parking and those reserved for medium / long-term parking. Surely these car parks offer greater convenience as they are closer to the airport.
  2. Private parking around the airport.Around the airport there are private car parks that offer cheaper solutions than those at the airport and which often also include a shuttle service to reach the terminal in the price.

But saving on the cost of parking at the airport, while at the same time finding a convenient solution, is possible: you just need to get information and move in advance. In this way you will avoid struggling to find a free parking space at the airport, consequently risking to arrive late at check-in. And your wallet will thank you too!

There are also companies that allow you to book a car valet service online, ideal for those who are late for their flight or prefer a more convenient and practical solution; the car valet provides for the collection and return of the car by an employee directly at the airport. And it is also possible to add a series of services, such as car washing while parked, tire checks, etc.

Generally, all car parks are guarded or under video surveillance to ensure greater safety for customers and some parking companies also include anti-theft and fire insurance in the price; in any case it is advisable to avoid leaving valuables in the car during the stop, even if it is short.

One suggestion: book online in advance.

But it is also necessary to keep in mind that not all the car parks made available by the airport can be booked online, especially in high season.

That’s why Parkos is the best solution for you. It helps you to find the best car parking solution for you. And it’s the first site for comparison and booking of car parks near airports, safe and convenient.

If you are interested in a car parking near Sydney airport, Parkos will help you find one.

It has more than 500 parking spaces available in 14 countries. They have been active in the sector since 2007. Choose Parkos and you will not regret it.


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