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What to do in Barcelona: Places you must visit

Barcelona is one of the most known cities in Spain. This iconic place is the capital of Catalonia, and it owns an incredibly rich history, wonderful architecture, and fascinating beaches and food. Barcelona receives visitors from all around the world, all year long, eager to discover this very modern yet very old city. The cultural agenda is huge, and a large number of natural parks allow visitors to spend days outdoors surrounded by beautiful vegetation and wonderful people.

This cosmopolitan city is full of outdoor markets, restaurants, lots of museums and exhibition halls, and churches, which makes it ideal for walking around while visiting them. However, the culture, the rich history and the beautiful parks and landscapes are not the only things this magical city has to offer; since Barcelona is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea! This place hosts five kilometres of paradisiacal beaches, which are one of the main reasons why tourists want to visit Barcelona in the first place.

In Barcelona, the Spanish language is spoken, although there is also another official language: Catalan. However, Spanish is widely used in the city, especially in all activities related to tourism. In fact, most local people are bilingual, speaking both Spanish and Catalan; and they are always predisposed to address tourists in Spanish. This is why many foreigners decide to attend Spanish school Barcelona in order to learn the language. It is a great place to learn Spanish, since it allows to meet people from all around the world, making it a very intercultural experience.

Barcelona has a lot of great and amazing places to visit while you are there. The options are endless, however, there are a few places which are the most popular ones. In this article, we will address the places you cannot miss while you are taking a Spanish course in Barcelona or if you are just visiting the city.
What to do in Barcelona Places you must visit

What to do during your stay in Barcelona

There are tons of activities and places to visit in this lively city, all day long. However, there are some places you must see and that you can´t miss before leaving. Those places are:

The Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is an unfinished masterpiece of the brilliant architect Gaudí, the greatest exponent of Catalan modernism. He started the construction of this church in 1883 and died before finishing it. Currently, the construction of this monument is ongoing, and it is expected to be finished in 2026. This church is nothing compared to other churches around the world. It is imposing, with towers that will reach 172 meters (making it the tallest Christian church in the world) and 3 facades dedicated to the Nativity, Passion and Glory of Jesus. This is one of the most visited monuments in all Europe

Gothic Quarter

This neighbour hood is located in the centre of Barcelona, and it is the oldest and most beautiful of them all. Its origin dates back to Roman times of which you can still see some remains, however, its maximum splendour was achieved during the Middle Ages with the construction of churches and Gothic palaces. This place is packed with narrow streets and parks. You will find amazing gothic churches of the fourteenth century, many temples, and will see buildings such as the Main Synagogue, the oldest in Spain and the only one of the five medieval that remains. This neighbour hood also is home to the largest Jewish community in the Peninsula, and some of the best local taverns for tapas.

Las Ramblas

One of the most popular places in Barcelona to take a day walking through parks and beautiful streets. This pedestrian street runs from Plaza Catalunya to the Columbus Monument is full of stores, restaurants, art, street performers and activities. Of course, it is often overflowing with people, so you must be prepared to walk through a really crowded street, especially when the climate is perfect. Take into account that consuming something in one of the terraces is quite expensive. Right next to La Rambla you can see the Palau Güel, another amazing Gaudí project, full of colourful and magical architecture. You can also drink at the Canaletas fountain, famous for being the place where fans of Futbol Club Barcelona celebrate the titles, joined by visitors and students from all around the world who travel to study Spanish in Barcelona.

El Born

Located right next to the Gothic Quarter it is one of the trendiest neighbour hoods: El Born. It is a very picturesque neighborhood, with narrow cobblestone streets, filled with tapas restaurants, boutiques, stores, charming cafes, and places to have the first drink of the night.
One of the main attractions of El Born is the magnificent basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, which is famous for its gothic style and for the literary work “The Cathedral of the Sea”. Another of the highlights of this neighbourhood is the Palau de la Música Catalana, a modernist building, built between 1905 and 1908, which has the only concert hall declared a World Heritage Site. Also, the Picasso Museum, with the most important collection of the painter. In addition to all this, you can enjoy the old Born Market, see the Marcus Chapel and the Church of Sant Pere de les Puelles, and many other things.

Park Güell

Whether you are visiting or studying in a Spanish school in Barcelona, you can miss the Park Güell, which was declared a World Heritage Site, and it is one of the most beautiful parks in the world. This huge fairytale park designed by Antonio Gaudi surprises all visitors with its sculptures, fountains and buildings inspired by the undulating forms of nature. One of the favourites corners of this park is Dragon Staircase, a large staircase with a fountain and the famous dragon sculpture. Other amazing sites of the park are, the Casa del Guarda, or the Jardines de Austria. However, this place is just so magical that it is recommended to stroll around aimlessly and let your eyes soak up in its beauty.

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