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What Technological Tricks Do Modern Investigators Use?

As technology is advancing, so are the criminals. Nowadays, criminals use modern technology in order to commit crimes to make sure they remain “hidden” and are not caught by investigators or police. However, modern investigators are a step ahead of them. They have incorporated innovative technology that helps them uncover the truth, no matter how smart the criminals are. Take Truth Private Investigators as an example, they have professional investigators who use efficient and cutting-edge technology for all the services they offer for more accurate and quick results.

If you are wondering what technological tricks or equipment modern investigators use to outsmart modern criminals, keep reading this article!

1.    Layered Voice Analysis

Modern investigators can never know for sure whether the suspect is telling the truth or not. Therefore, they use layered voice analysis to get to the bottom of the case.

This piece of technology detects the change in emotional and psychological patterns when the suspect is being interviewed or even for an audio file and a phone call. They, then, analyze the accuracy of the conversation on these factors, which may help them to further proceed with their case.

2.    GPS Tracking Systems

Most modern investigators also use this piece of technology in order to monitor and track the driving routes of the suspect, as this can give them an idea of who they are involved with.

GPS tracking systems can be installed on the exterior of the car without the driver being aware of it. All the driving routes along with speed data can then be seen on the app or software. GPS keeps updating the real-time location of the driver every ten seconds for accurate results.

3.    DNA Phenotyping

Long gone are those days when police had to ask the witness at the crime scene what the suspect looked like in order to get a police sketch. With the advancement of technology, DNA phenotyping and databases allow investigators to get information about the suspect by a single DNA specimen.

It provides results with almost 90% accuracy on the color of eyes and hair, gender, and height. Whereas, results with almost 70% accuracy can be determined on the skin color, dimples, cleft lip, age, freckling, and more to get a clear picture of the suspect.

4.    Time-Tracing Fingerprint Technology

With plenty of fingerprints available on the crime scene, it can be hard to find the culprit. Therefore, modern investigators use this innovative technology to determine the period of time when a fingerprint was left in order to make the case simpler and easier to handle further.

5.    Spyware

This tremendous piece of technology helps private investigators to determine valuable information which is not quite possible otherwise.

Of course, it needs to be installed on the suspect’s mobile phone or computer to monitor all of their activity, but for professionals, it is not that hard. This software also allows investigators to sift through the files, documents, and even emails to find a major clue for their case.

This is only a small part of the equipment used by modern investigators, but as you can see, even with such a set of tools they can do a lot.


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