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Significant Shift in Uber Services in Australia with Introduction of New Feature

Uber has unveiled a new feature on its ride-sharing app aimed at encouraging Australians to make more environmentally friendly choices.

Dubbed the ‘Rider Emissions Savings’ feature, this addition allows riders to view an estimate of the CO₂ emissions they’ve saved by opting for two sustainable ride options – ‘Uber Green’ and ‘Comfort Electric’.

‘Uber Green’, priced the same as an UberX, offers passengers the opportunity to ride in an electric or hybrid vehicle. Meanwhile, the slightly pricier ‘Comfort Electric’ option provides rides in fully electric cars that have completed at least 100 trips with a minimum rating of 4.85.

To track their environmental impact, users can check their account screen on the app, where they’ll find details on the kilograms of CO2 saved when traveling with either ‘Uber Green’ or ‘Comfort Electric’. These emissions savings are calculated based on the avoidance of tailpipe emissions compared to equivalent UberX or ‘Uber Comfort’ trips over the same distance in the city. Additionally, the app compares saved emissions to the equivalent gas mileage of a petrol car and landfill saved.

Anna Brito, Head of Sustainability, Strategy & Planning for Uber Australia and New Zealand, emphasized the company’s commitment to promoting a lower-emissions lifestyle. She expressed hope that the new feature would prompt Australians to reconsider their travel habits and opt for greener alternatives.

Brito highlighted Uber’s significant initiatives aimed at reducing emissions, including substantial investments in subsidizing driver commission fees. These subsidies have enabled Australian Uber drivers to save up to $3,500 annually for three years, helping them transition to electric vehicles.

In the first quarter of 2024, Australian Uber riders took 1.8 million EV trips in over 4,000 EV Ubers, accounting for four percent of Uber drivers’ kilometers during the period.

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