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What Makes the Australian Open So Important in the Tennis Calendar?

The tennis calendar revolves around the four grand slam events that take place, plus special events such as the Davis Cup. However, when you look at the four grand slams, there is something that makes the Australian Open stand out a little from the crowd.

There are a handful of factors for this, but it certainly has an impact, players desperately want to win the Australian Open. This tournament certainly catches the eye with everyone, and that includes fans, who love tuning in from all over the world.

With a small break and only minor events taking place before the Australian Open, a lot of people see this tournament as the first one to watch of the new season, and also the first one to place bets on. Bookmakers don’t disappoint either, there are many Australian Open betting sites offers that you can use while placing your bets on the event, all designed to give you a great deal.

Excitement from fans translates to players on the court and takes this to a completely new level. But what else works into this? Here we take a look at what else makes the Australian Open so important on the calendar.

A Tournament Without a Dominant Force Due to the Court

We don’t see anyone dominating this tournament other than if they are the number one player, and at the top of their game. This isn’t a specialist court, like we see with the French Open and Wimbledon, it is a fair surface, and everyone will head to the Australian Open with a chance of winning, especially if they are amongst the top seeds.

On top of this, it is also worth noting that players are not suffering from fatigue here, whereas that is certainly a possibility at the other grand slam events over the course of the season. A prime example of this is the US Open from last season, he was kicked out for hitting a ball at a line judge, but was struggling all tournament due to fatigue after a heavy season.

Everything is in place for players to be at their best here, we see the best of the best taking each other on, and on a court that is very fair.

Early Chance to Make a Statement

The Australian Open is a great chance for all players to make a statement. The slate is clean, they have a chance to put down a market, showing what they are capable of doing in the coming season. The crowd certainly laid down their marker at games, making the headlines for what happened during the Nick Kyrgios v Liam Broady game, which saw a very vocal crowd in attendance.

Of course, the statements we want to see is ones from the players. Everyone has the chance to do this, and whatever they do means something for the rest of the calendar year. If players want a chance to shine, they can start with the Australian Open, which is what makes this such a big deal.

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