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What Is Dying Intestate Mean? Disadvantages Of Dying Without A Will

Predicting the future and planning the same is not always an enjoyable task. Sometimes it comes with many responsibilities, especially when you plan to write your Will to keep your family safe and secure even when you are not with them. 

Writing a Will is usually overlooked and avoided, but it is mandatory because the absence of a legal Will can give birth to lots of chaos. What are the disadvantages of dying without a legal Will? How can it affect the safety of your family members? 

Before we jump into identifying the disadvantages of dying without a Will, let us understand what is dying intestate mean?

Dying intestate means dying without writing a Will which ultimately results in handing over the jurisdiction of property distribution of the deceased person in the hands of the probate court. Intestate death of a person may end up in chaos and family members fighting for property acquisition. 

Thus in such a case, the court has to intervene and has to take charge of the decision-making process to get the property distributed in the right hands. Read further to get acquainted with the disadvantages of dying without writing a Will:

Unfair portioning of your possessions

If you do not have a Will in place before you die, then there are chances that the person you wish to acquire your property may not be given the exact share he/she deserves. If you do not have a Will in place that opens up your desires, then the person who actually should inherit your property may be neglected. 

Also, there are chances that any other outsider relative or an undesirable person may inherit your belongings despite your desire and wishes.

Your minors and immature children may go neglected

If fate falls at your doors and both the parents who have small kids die all of a sudden, then the court takes charge of deciding the custodian who will take care of your kids until they grow up as adults. And, if the person taking charge of the kids has some bad intentions, then the outcome can be pretty devastating and disastrous. 

Your property and fortune may even be misused in such a case, and the custodian may have an evil eye to acquire the property themselves. But when you have a Will written, your children can go in safe hands as per your wish if you succumb to any mishap.

Fights amongst family members

Another disadvantage of not writing a will is that you may leave behind a bunch of family members fighting with each other to acquire your property. Conflicts and personal interests in the name of your possessions are sure to follow your demise when you do not get the paperwork done in time. 

On the contrary, if you are specific about your wishes and write the same in your Will, you save your family members from fighting over property acquisition. Further, the property automatically passes down to someone close to your heart.


Now that you know the disadvantages of dying without a Will, make sure you write a Will because death is inevitable and can happen at any point in time. But if you want your family members to be safe even after your demise, a legal Will must be written to save your family from being duped and neglected.



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