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West Ham 2-0 Everton, Leicester 2-2 Brighton: Football Watch – Live | Premier League

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Meanwhile at Selhurst Park

Rob Smyth has a preface and team sheet.

full time!Southampton 0-1 Villa

So Villa took their third win in a row with a header from Olly Watkins. And poor old Southampton slides further into the quagmire after casting a good spell at every comp.

Southampton 0-1 Villa

The Saints are closing in, but they have one obstacle ahead of them. Emi Martinez is dragging saves. It’s horrifying to think how he celebrates.

“As far as dismissal is concerned,” says Yash Gupta. “Italian football is a whole other world and after all these years I still want to give my all just to see Tim Sherwood manage a Serie A club.”

A polite question from Gary Byrne. “Lampard could manage at least until the derby, Liverpool. TRUE Victory is required. “

full time!Bournemouth 1-1 Forest

Forrest’s narrow winning run comes to an end, but it’s a decent result for them. Not too bad for Bournemouth.

full time!West Ham 2-0 Everton

6 Points for… David Moyes! Frank Lampard shakes hands with the players, but it may be goodbye.

full time!Leicester 2-2 Brighton.

James Maddison wins a last-minute free-kick and takes it himself but hits the wall. Still, that’s a good point for Leicester.

Charlie Robinson said: “It’s never nice to have to show up late in a game knowing you’ve been shown a door that says ‘do one’. Just ask Carlo Ancelotti, who Juventus announced at half-time against Atalanta in 2001. I think they were still fighting for the title at the time.

goal! Leicester 2-2 Brighton (Ferguson 88)

Another equalizer! This is Evan Ferguson’s header, where he has three goals and two assists in four games. Eighteen years old!

Evan Ferguson leaps in Salmon Pink to level the match. Photo: Andrew Boyers/Action Images/Reuters

goal! Southampton 0-1 Villa (Watkins 77)

Southampton goes from fleeting ecstasy to pain. Ollie Watkins makes a simple header into the net.

Ollie Watkins nods in front of Villa.
Ollie Watkins nods in front of Villa. Photo: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

goal! Bournemouth 1-1 Forest (Surridge 84)

Forest Equalizer! From Sam Surridge, against his old club.

Sam Surridge slides into Forrest's equalizer.
Sam Surridge slides into Forrest’s equalizer. Photo: Kieran McManus/REX/Shutterstock

“Martin Joll was sacked at half-time at Spurs,” says John Tunbridge. “And the whole ground knew it in the second half, when he was still on the bench.”

“I used to chat with Mary Waltz,” says Jeremy Boyce. “Via Scott’s MBM” small world! “I kind of disagree with Mary this time. For the record, I’m a Leeds fan. Premier League and where does it lead? Last season at Leeds, the principle of ‘new manager but no new signings’ worked. With the top striker gone (Bamford knocked down), Phillips and Rafina were awake at least 50% in a stretch limousine to their new accommodation. We’re just in a maze of our own making, and there’s a way out of it. “

“I’m back in Liverpool from Australia.” Steph Lysaght says: But I actually realized he was way back in time in the 1990s. Pubs have bitter on specials for £1 a pint, Liverpool are very ordinary and Everton are on the decline. “

An unforgivable goal!Southampton 0-0 Villa

James Ward-Prowse, who is scoring every week at the moment, seems to have done it again, but the referee is sent to monitor by VAR and we know how it usually ends. Between them, it was decided that there had been a foul by Mohamed Elnouchi.

“Lampard will do well,” Yash Gupta told Football Daily. Then you can restore Fiver. ” Woof.

West Ham 2-0 Everton

Everton scored a goal on the third and Emerson thinks he did it.

“Lampard’s next job,” mutters Kari Turinius. “Certainly, it makes sense for the club to hire Lampard and Gerrard as they are both out of work. They can balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” Magnificent.

goal! ! Leicester 2-1 Brighton (Barnes 63)

Luke Thomas, who was about to give a pen just now, redeems himself by getting a flick-on from the corner, which turns into an assist for Harvey Barnes.

Harvey Barnes shoots Fox head-on.
Harvey Barnes shoots Fox head-on. Photo: Andrew Boyers/Action Images/Reuters

“Because we all agree that Lampard’s time at Everton is over,” said Bogdan Kotarric. ‘What’s next for him: West Ham? An overseas club? A young England national team like the U21?’ will not be in I think he’s a championship club because he did so well in Derby.

News from Scotland at halftime. “United took 45 minutes to break down a well-organized Stirling team,” said Simon McMahon. I now fully expect United to move forward and record a solid 2-0 victory for him. But a shocking possibility of Stenhousemuir as he leads Livingston 1-0. FURTHER UPDATE: Livingston has already turned around as he scored two goals in four minutes.

I’m leaving football to bring you this

Two days ago I happened to run into a doctor. “The hip problem can be cured, but the good news is that I will never be able to play professional sports again,” the doctor said in 2017. I think he dispelled that myth in five days. 😉 good night ❤️

— Andy Murray (@andy_murray) January 21, 2023

“In the future,” says Ian Stuart. “The manager will be fired at halftime.”

Leicester 1-1 Brighton.

Danny Welbeck believes Luke Thomas stuck his foot out and scored a penalty, but neither the referee nor the VAR were persuaded. Roberto De Zerbi protests too much to get into the book.

Frank Lampard, who has to do something, makes two changes at halftime. With both wingbacks Seamus Coleman and Vitaly Mikorenko off and Tom Davis and Dwight McNeill coming, it looks like a switch to the back four.

“I got the Everton Blues,” says Mary Waltz. “The Muddy Waters Version.” Her team looks frightened and sly, she adds. “And who will play Arsenal and Liverpool instead of Lampard. Haha.”

status quo

West Ham moved up to 16th place, just ahead of Leeds. West Ham are now level with 15th-placed Leicester on 18 points. Bournemouth jumped to 14th place with 19 points. Everton are last in his 15th place, with Southampton (16th) and Wolves (17th) remaining in the relegation zone. Forest remain 13th despite being conceded a goal at Bournemouth. Brighton were close to his fifth place, but he slipped to sixth under Spurs.

Half time!Southampton 0-0 Villa

The game has resumed at St Mary’s, but the scoreboard doesn’t tell. Apparently Villa were the better team. “Drone will stop playing at Southampton,” says Ben Mimac. “The St. Mary crowd is delighted to see a long period of what seems like a clean sheet for the home team.”

Half time!Bournemouth 1-0 Forest

Bournemouth’s valuable lead as new signing Dango Ouattara scored a goal for Jadon Anthony. “They were like Brazil at times,” says Chris Sutton. I have what he has

Half time!West Ham 2-0 Everton

It’s a big one, neither good for David Moyes nor bad for Frank Lampard. His two goals for Jarrod Bowen and his Everton ended with the sound of boos from traveling fans.

It looks like his bubble has burst.
It looks like his bubble has burst. Photo: Tony O’Brien/Reuters

Half time!Leicester 1-1 Brighton.

After a Harvey Barnes shot, Mark Albrighton caught the rebound and defied the flow of play to cancel out Kaoru Mitoma’s screamer.

Drones stop playing!Southampton 0-0 Villa

A drone appeared in St. Mary’s and the player was sent into the tunnel by the referee. In cricket they were taking early half-time.

goal! ! ! West Ham 2-0 Everton (Boen 42)

Bowen strikes again! He beat Pickford to double his lead.
Bowen strikes again! He beat Pickford to double his lead. Photo: Nigel Keene/ProSports/REX/Shutterstock

https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2023/jan/21/west-ham-v-everton-leicester-v-brighton-football-clockwatch-live West Ham 2-0 Everton, Leicester 2-2 Brighton: Football Watch – Live | Premier League

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