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Waterproof life ‘purple roof’ backed by Western Sydney University experiment

Top water management experts are urging state governments to back flood-resistant ‘purple roof’ designs amid fears of heavy rains expected over the next few months.

Well-known around the world for its extraordinary ability to absorb and retain large amounts of rainwater, the Retaining Roof or Purple Roof is covered with a variety of plants, soils and mineral wools and is designed by Sydney Water at the University of Western Sydney. It has successfully proven its benefits in trials conducted by (WSU) and its evolution at WSU’s Kingswood campus.

Studies show that during normal rainfall, purple roofs “can hold 100 percent of the water most of the time, and during more intense rainfall, runoff rates are 95 percent lower than standard roofs.” It became clear. Environmental scientist Robert Griffiths told the Daily Telegraph.

Just as rainfall occurs in natural environments such as forests, water is absorbed by plants and soil, and unabsorbed water “diffuses longer,” Griffiths said.

“If this is[rolled out]statewide, it will help reduce runoff,” he said.

Besides preventing flooding, purple roofs have additional perks such as plants that provide natural cooling.

Melan Griffiths, Principal Advisor of Sydney Water, highlighted the project’s success, stating: “We play a key role in stormwater management and this project will give Congress and the (state) government It provided data evidence that the roof is effective.” .

The project has been in operation since May 2020, has experienced about 76 rainfalls, and says it “performs better than a normal roof, holds better, and has a special material added said Griffith.

“They will be of great benefit not only to western Sydney, which has a more challenging weather environment, but also to other locations across Australia.”

https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/floodproof-living-purple-roofs-get-vote-of-confidence-in-western-sydney-uni-experiment/news-story/9dac186f1516e8b31d0adcd2e4abbb00 Waterproof life ‘purple roof’ backed by Western Sydney University experiment

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