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Virgin Australia: passenger gross in-flight conduct screamed

A passenger took to social media to denounce “disgusting” behavior he witnessed on an interstate flight.

This photo, shared on Facebook, was taken during a flight from the Gold Coast to Melbourne.

Passengers can be seen putting their feet between the seat and the window and resting their feet on the armrests without shoes on.

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This passenger's behavior on a flight from
This passenger’s behavior on a flight from

“This has got to be one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen on an airplane in a long time,” the person wrote on Facebook. 7 news.

“Even the poor old puppy doesn’t seem very impressed,” they said.

“After being patient for 20 minutes, she was politely asked and pulled them back.

Today, show presenter Ally Langdon also shared her take on the photo.

“Arrest them and throw away the keys,” said Langdon.

“What is your profession? Can you say something?” she said.

Another presenter said, “Airplane etiquette is also required when giving security briefings on planes.”

Ally Langdon said on the Today Show,
Ally Langdon said on the Today Show, “Lock them up and throw away the keys. Photo: Today.

“If the flight is less than two hours, no bare feet, no undoing… For example, everything should be included in the safety video.”

Many social media users commented on the post sharing how to stop passengers from taking their feet off it.

“Maybe a little ticklish,” one suggested.

Recline your seat and wedge your bloody feet! It’s just terrifying how anyone could think this behavior is acceptable,” added another.

According to the Virgin Australia dress code, “All adults and children who are able to walk are required to wear suitable footwear.”

However, it is unclear if passengers will be required to wear shoes on board.

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https://www.theaustralian.com.au/breaking-news/passengers-gross-inflight-act-slammed-on-social-media/news-story/c56d5dae12576e47713573e404244dc0 Virgin Australia: passenger gross in-flight conduct screamed

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