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Violet Coco granted bail while in prison over Sydney Harbor Bridge climate change protests

He said the risk of endangering the community is reflected in the facts of the crime and Coco’s “history since late October 2020.”

Judge Timothy Gartelman granted bail on a $10,000 bond and not to be within one kilometer of the Sydney Harbor Bridge until 29 December. She will then reside at her nominated address in Lismore from 30 December and from that date she will not enter Greater Sydney.

The judge said Koko had a history in New South Wales and on the interstate, but had never been previously jailed or served a community-based order, and had served seven months on bail terms. He said that he was

“It is inevitable that the appeal court will hand down a life sentence,” Gartelmann said. However, he noted that the court did not determine whether the sentence imposed at the first instance was “proper”.

“Rather, this court determines the degree of risk that an applicant will not appear on appeal because judgment may be handed down.”

More than 100 supporters gathered outside the courthouse in solidarity with Koko early on Tuesday for a planned Saturday afternoon protest at City Hall to “repeal the anti-protest law.” .

state government Law changes at the beginning of the year It is a crime for anyone to encroach on any major bridge, tunnel or roadway, including the Sydney Harbor Bridge, causing damage to vehicles or pedestrians, or causing serious disruption. Penalties are up to two years in prison or a $22,000 fine.

Green Party senator David Shoebridge said it was “one of the pivotal moments in democracy”.

Greens Senator David Shoebridge addresses the crowd on Tuesday.credit:Kate Geraghty

“You either support the right to peaceful protest or you don’t,” Shoebridge said outside the courtroom.

“The fact that she is [Coco] Being in jail last week is a stain on our democracy and a stain on the NSW Legislature that passed these laws. “

Sue Higginson, MP for Greens, New South Wales and spokesperson for justice, said the government passed these laws “in step with” the opposition “in moral hysteria. And now we are seeing the results.” are suffering from,” he said.

“In a mature democracy, no one should go to prison and have to suffer in prison for a peaceful act of civil disobedience,” Higginson said.

A group of protesters move through Castlereagh Street.

A group of protesters move through Castlereagh Street.credit:Kate Geraghty

She said Koko deserves bail until the appeal is heard, and added that she will work with her colleagues to repeal the law.

“We need to stop this before it slides further down the terrifyingly slippery slope of an anti-democratic state,” Higginson said.

Prime Minister Dominic Perrotet said last week in response to Coco’s ruling that he was “glad to see”.


“If protesters want to jeopardize our way of life, they should throw books at them,” Perrotet said. “We want people to be able to protest, but we want people across New South Wales to do it in a way that doesn’t hurt them.”

Coco’s uncle Liberal MP Alistair HenskensHolding a portfolio of multiple ministers in New South Wales, including sports, science, business, investment and trade, said:

He said that “it is the independent judicial system that determines the appropriate course of action in individual cases.”

A stern appeal is scheduled for March. Otherwise, Koko will be eligible for parole for the first time in July 2023, with the maximum term expiring in February 2024.

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https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/climate-activist-violet-coco-granted-bail-pending-jail-sentence-appeal-20221212-p5c5sd.html?ref=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss_national_nsw Violet Coco granted bail while in prison over Sydney Harbor Bridge climate change protests

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