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Updated information surfaces regarding the LATAM flight from Sydney to Auckland

The precise cause of the sudden drop experienced by a LATAM flight from Sydney remains shrouded in mystery, but footage captured by passengers offers some insight into the aftermath. During the journey to Auckland yesterday, approximately two hours into the flight, the 787-9 Dreamliner suddenly plummeted, resulting in passengers being thrown into the air and many sustaining injuries.

Max, a passenger, described the chaotic scene in a video, stating, “There was a massive air pocket and about 30 to 40 people have gone flying up into the air. A lot of people have hit their heads, they’ve smacked their heads … we’ve got one person with a neck injury now bleeding.” Numerous passengers and crew members collided with the ceiling before crashing back down to the floor, causing injuries. Flight attendants were also hurt, with onboard doctors providing assistance to passengers in need, including a man with a neck injury.

Brian Jokat, another passenger, recounted the harrowing experience, saying, “Anyone, anyone who was not in their seat belt just flew randomly across the plane.” He described the sudden drop followed by a nose-down motion, fearing the worst. Jokat witnessed a fellow passenger propelled onto the roof of the plane before plummeting back to the floor.

Despite the ordeal, the Boeing 787, carrying 272 individuals, proceeded without further incident and safely landed in Auckland an hour later, where ambulances awaited. Thirteen people, including four Australians, were hospitalized. According to Jokat, he spoke with the LATAM pilot, who indicated that his instrument gauges momentarily blacked out, potentially causing the issue. Boeing has initiated an investigation into the incident.

In a separate incident yesterday, a United Boeing 777 departing from Sydney Airport experienced apparent smoke emanating from one of its wheels. The flight, bound for San Francisco, returned two hours later due to what was described as a “maintenance issue.” This occurrence follows a recent incident involving a door blowing out mid-flight on an Alaskan Airlines 737, prompting a criminal investigation by the US Department of justice.

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