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Trump Campaign Raises Over $52 Million Despite Legal Issues

Polls also show the former president has a double-digit lead over arch-rival Ron DeSantis, an initial hype around Florida governor following his victory in last year’s midterm elections. Despite this, his race for the Republican presidential nomination has been sluggish.


“We are way behind,” said Steve Cortez, national spokesman for DeSantis’s superPAC fundraising arm, Never Back Down, during Sunday’s Twitter Space session, adding that “it will be an uphill battle” to beat Trump. He frankly admitted that he was faced with

But Mr. DeSantis’ campaign office insisted that fundraising was going well, and told Fox News Digital that he had raised $20 million in the first six weeks of his campaign.

In a statement, President Trump spokesman Steve Chan countered that DeSantis’ fundraising figures were “as fake as high-heeled boots” (referring to the platform shoes the governor is known to wear on his campaign trails).

The former president gathered momentum over the weekend by holding a rally in the town of Pickens, South Carolina, drawing an estimated crowd of about 50,000 in a place with a population of about 3,400.

On Thursday, Mr. Biden also traveled to South Carolina to hone his economic credentials ahead of the 2024 election, showing the crimson state to be a crucial battleground for both sides of politics.

Joe Biden in the Oval Office this week.credit: APs

The president touts so-called “bidenomics” policies focused on growing the economy by investing in the middle class, and a new clean energy manufacturing partnership between solar producer Enphase Energy and manufacturer Flex Limited. Introducing the relationship, he said it is expected to create 600 jobs in India. He has over 1,200 locations in South Carolina and nationwide.

“The jobs that used to go to Mexico, India, Romania and China are now coming back to South Carolina,” Mr. Biden said during a visit to West Columbia.

The president has a personal and political love for his state that saved him from a lackluster campaign to win the Democratic nomination for president in 2020.


Earlier this year, Mr. Biden also backed a controversial decision to make South Carolina, with its large black population, the first Democratic reserve state to vote next year, rather than conservative New Hampshire, which is predominantly white.

South Carolina also has two other candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination. Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, South Carolina’s first female governor, and Senator Tim Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate.

Haley tweeted in response to Biden’s visit that “Bidenomics has led to record inflation and wiped out the nation’s savings.” “If Joe Biden really thinks the Bidennomics are working, he definitely needs to take a psychiatric ability test.”

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