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Tributes to victims of Hunter Valley bus crash in Daily Telegraph obituary

As the sun sets over the gloomy Hunter Valley, a single bouquet of flowers, placed to commemorate the victims of the area’s bus accident, blossomed at a colorful makeshift shrine on Monday.

Dozens of family members, friends, colleagues and local residents traveled to the scene of the accident on Tuesday night. killed 10 peopleOther all-night activities popped up around the town of Singleton.

Local families with young children were among those who came down Tallbar Road near the scene of the death with bouquets, wreaths and photographs. pay homage to deceased loved ones.

One woman walked away in tears after holding a teddy bear for Newcastle doctor Rebecca Mullen, who died in an accident.

The bear had the words “I’ll miss you” and a beaded necklace that read “Beck”.

On Tuesday night, another all-night rally began across Singleton. The town faces its greatest tragedy.

Singleton Roosters players and supporters gathered on the cold field at home to Rose Point Park to pay tribute to their Australian Rules teammate lost in Sunday night’s accident.

Normally, the club’s men’s team would be hard at work on Tuesday, but calls for balls and slamming tackles were replaced by silence from the club bemoaning their own loss.

Eight of the bus accident victims, including mother and daughter, had close ties to the club Nadine McBride and daughter Kaia Both were playing for the Roosters.

A dozen football club members gathered just after 6pm, crowding around a bouquet of colorful flowers left in the center of the oval that had previously been such a delightful sight.

People who paid their respects to their teammates huddled around a pile of flowers, quietly talking and intermittently hugging each other.

That same evening, Reverend Andrew Allinson of Singleton Baptist Church invited parishioners and local families to an “informal” prayer meeting.

“It’s times like this that you know what’s most important,” he says.

“People are asking questions like how are we going to live in this situation?

“We want to create a space for people to grieve their turmoil and perhaps reset. increase.”

cessnock Paramedics were among the mourners They visited the crash site on Tuesday to leave flowers for the victims.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family and friends affected by this incident.

“We are honored to be involved in such a shocking incident, but at the same time we are horrified,” the flower read.

https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/heartbreaking-tributes-to-victims-of-hunter-valley-bus-crash/news-story/6169709f3fc6983f41cd2efb3e95e368 Tributes to victims of Hunter Valley bus crash in Daily Telegraph obituary

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