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Tony Burke hits back at business groups lashing out at new labor reforms

Workplace Relations Minister Tony Burke voiced his confusion after business and industry groups pledged to oppose the government’s unwillingness to push for reform.

Australian Chamber of Commerce, Australian Minerals Council, Business Council and various other peak business, agricultural and industrial groups On Monday, it launched a multimillion-dollar campaign targeting the government’s “same job, same pay.”

Their campaign ‘Better Ways, Better Wages’ has warned Australians of the dangers of Phase 2 of the Labor Party’s industrial relations reform, which will sap workers’ incentives and reduce productivity. claims each group.

The bill hasn’t even been drafted yet, but companies have voiced their concerns following preliminary consultations, which Mr Burke calls one of the most “weird debates” he’s ever encountered. said.

“Companies were running a passionate campaign against policies the government didn’t propose, and to me that would sound like a bad idea anyway,” he told ABC radio.

camera iconTony Burke said the government only cares about closing loopholes that disadvantage workers. NCA Newswire/Martin Olmann credit: News Corp Australia

“The claim the industry made yesterday that this would prevent hairdressers from paying their employees differently is simply not true.”

Burke said the government’s proposed “equal pay for equal work” reform would close a loophole that would ease the burden on employed workers who are currently vulnerable to exploitation and low wages.

Governments want to ensure workers are paid the same wages as comparable workers in their employment.

“It’s about setting a floor, and the floor is set at the exact rate that the employer claims is a fair wage,” Burke said.

The group said on Monday that the reforms would lead to “lower wage growth and fewer jobs”.

“The so-called ‘same work, same pay’ proposal … would force employers to pay workers with little knowledge or experience exactly the same wages as workers with decades of knowledge and experience,” the group said in a statement. It means you have to pay,” he said in a statement.

“This means that by law, if your co-workers don’t share your ambitions and work ethic, you can’t work harder or work longer and get paid better.”

Mr Burke said government reforms were only concerned with closing “loopholes in hiring workers”.

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camera iconThe reforms the government is trying to implement will ensure workers are paid the same wages as employees. NCA Newswire/David Crossling credit: News Corp Australia

Opposition Mikalia Cash accused Burke of “insulting” the business community.

Senator Cash said that if the government is only concerned with plugging loopholes, the government needs to narrow down its definition now before it gets to the heart of the matter.

Sen. Cash said in an earlier interview with Mr. Burke that Mr. Burke clearly did not read his advisory documents.

“The policy that the government is putting forward, which is the only one that can continue to operate at this stage, goes far beyond hiring workers and also covers service contractors. All business is captured.

“If this is to close a loophole, it should be defined very, very narrowly.”

https://www.perthnow.com.au/business/tony-burke-hits-back-at-business-groups-lashing-new-worker-reforms-c-10888068 Tony Burke hits back at business groups lashing out at new labor reforms

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