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Titanic submarine rescue hits tight deadline 22/6/23

The passengers and crew of the tourist submarine Titan may be doomed to a watery graveyard with rescue uncertain, even if the ship is found. The SA drunk driver who caused the death of three cars has been released on bail for drunk driving again and has finally been sent to prison. A major tech company has been drafted into the fight to stop demonstrators wreaking havoc at a coal port in New South Wales. Disgraced charity founder and domestic abuser Conan Visser brags about using ChatGPT to save his driver’s license even though it was already lost. caught in the spot. Daniel Ricciardo has revealed his dream of a full-time return to Red Bull.

https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/titanic-sub-rescue-nears-grim-deadline-22623/audio/0c3685469ae2749c224a871d8fb6dc18 Titanic submarine rescue hits tight deadline 22/6/23

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