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Tips on How To Mix And Match Your Bridal Rings

Most of the time, we have accessories and pieces of jewelry set aside for a particular occasion or outfit, but once in a while, we all love to mix and match different things for a new fresh look that adds flavor to our outlook. What items do you like to mix and match? Mixing and matching rings have become more popular these past few years as people combine other rings and bands with their wedding rings to add more color and class. Mixing and matching are done while adding weight to their personality, or sometimes we just want to be rebellious, which in this case you can add a few casual rings and bands to the bridal and wear them with any casual outfit. Today’s article is on tips on how to pair and match other accessories with your bridal rings.

How to Get Going for the Stacks?

First, get the best wedding ring you can find; everything comes after and can be added upon with time. After that, the size and style of your wedding ring will dictate what other additions you can make, for example, adding different bands to the shape of the actual ring as when mixing other bands with a pearl-shaped ring. Don’t forget your finger size in anything you will be adding to the mix.

Amount of Rings in a Stack

Well, definitely the more, the merrier; if you’re going to add more jazz to your ring, have fun. The common consensus would be to add 2 to your main ring, one on either side and then start adding more until you run out of visual space. Then you can move on to another finger on the same hand or go to the other hand and start filling up that finger.

What is the Best Ring Style and Layers for a Stack?

The moment you decide on stacking rings, you already have decided what look you are going for. Therefore, we stress having a theme in mind. The themes can be changed with the occasion, party, or casual stacking, but the wedding ring is focal.

A few quick themes can be going for a vintage look, or modern textures are involved, or you can even go for a rebellious look. The simplest is to keep the same metal and change or add different hues and silhouettes. Just keep in mind that the wedding ring should be more prominent whatever style you choose; everything else can stack cohesively.

But if you don’t want a raised setting for your wedding ring, then the additions should coincide with your ring’s shape, size, and look.

Experiment with the Placement

You can do the stacking on a single finger, or like men typically do, stacking is also done when wearing rings on either side of the ring finger. Both are perfectly fine. You can always experiment with one hand stacking on a single finger while, on the other hand, individual rings on individual fingers.

Mix and Match the Size

As we said, your main ring should be the focal, in this case, your wedding ring, while everything else should not engulf your main ring. Each additional band and ring can engulf each other if you are going for that style.

Which Colors and Stones You can Mix?

Mixing metal is primarily due to your hands looking like a single note which we are definitely not after. Different hues for the same metal is a start. You can also add stacks keeping the outfit’s color in mind and what else you want to complement your rings. Mixing metals always add personality to the stack and your personality.

What Different Colors and Silhouettes Should You Go For?

Depending on what dress you are wearing, add colors to the stack by adding different metals, gemstones, and even other stone material rings to the mix. Multicolor stony bands are also perfect for stacking to make you more colorful and playful.

Best – Double Finger Rings

A lot of fingers come in pairs. Not just the pair for man and wife, these pairs fix together like perfect gear when attached but individually are complete on their own. These designs can be so intricately ornate that they add perfect glam and mystery to your look.

How to Shop Multiple Rings for the Stack?

Simple answer, research, and do window shopping. You can always add rings to your mix in a shop and wave your hands around to see how they will look and shine. You might surprise yourself when trying out different combinations at a shop and your outfit. Window shop for at least till you have seen many combinations that will give you the best idea of what you are looking for. One best option is to search or look for diamond wedding rings for women and start with whatever shows around them.

Summing it All Up

To sum it all up;

  • Start with the classic base for your stack.
  • Keep in mind the odd numbers when stacking different types and colors.
  • You can mix metals, add different colors of stones/gems, and add various shapes to engulf or complement other styles.
  • The bridal band should have a raised profile to make it prominent,
  • Don’t rush on building your stack; take your time adding colors and metals that go well with each other.


We understand it is like an adage to wear your wedding ring on your ring finger, and this has been the prime thought for so many couples over the years. The world has changed a lot since the old generation’s time and more so since the covid-19 era. People have seen what devastation such scenarios can cast on our lives. Even though people would enjoy their own look and twist on popular formulae, it is becoming more apparent that people want to experience their lives on their own terms and satisfaction, and enjoying fashion with their personal flavor is the best option instead of following the fashion bandwagon. These tips are enough to start you on your mixing and matching journey.

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