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The world comes and goes even when it rains

30 minutes from 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning. Now he could have said 7:30, but it was a slow day and the words jumped on a tortuous train of thought. I sit on a stool in the cafe overlooking the parking lot. The rain gently washes the air away.

Scoop a long black in your hand and inhale the aroma of coffee and the rising steam. A knife or fork scrapes a plate a few tables away from me, and I hear a low hum between only two other people in the cafe. Their words fall to the floor before they reach me. The music coming from the speakers is dreamy piano, neither dramatic nor dynamic, calming and melancholia, like a pencil drawing in a meditation artbook. It floats in the room according to the color of the day.

Nietzsche was rather a stormy man.

The color of the day, even the primary one, is gray. Still, the world comes and goes. One car departs for each car that arrives at the parking lot. Each carries a business person, an office person and, more recently, a home person. Coffee flows early and the bakery seems to be the main driver. People pass by in their morning exercise ritual, sometimes with dogs. This is also me and my dog, but it rains too much on this day. The dog must be at home and dreaming of a walk.

Perhaps a rainy day is a philosopher’s pillow. But from feathers to rocks, we want a gradient. Nietzsche was rather a stormy man. Aristotle was generally quiet. I could imagine Descartes sitting next to me, saying aloud to the rain. what about you? “

Watching the world come and go on a gray, rain-washed morning, I was able to answer. I could tell him that the Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert used the beginning of his maxim. Cogito, as the protagonist of his collection of poems. 1, Mr. Cogito and the Movement of Thought,It will be as follows.


Thoughts cross my mind/A common idiom has it

Overestimating common idioms/fluidity of thought

most of them / stand motionless

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