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The Biggest Factors of SMART Property Investment

When it comes to successfully growing your property portfolio in Sydney, adopting a SMART strategy will help guide you towards making choices for long-term wealth growth and help ease the unknown factors.

While no approach is easy or quick, in this piece, we look at how a SMART system can work for you when you choose to invest in property and drive you towards success as a property investor.

Using STRATEGY To Achieve Goals

Most successful Sydney professionals start by establishing goals and then using strategy to achieve them. Having both long and short-term goals to work towards will help you better determine where you are and where you want to end up in the property market.

A well-thought-out investment plan is needed to measure performance and set a point of reference for success.

MANAGING Risk & Be Prepared

Managing risk is essential in real estate because it fluctuates. Being prepared will help you minimise any risk and ensure the following:

  • You have enough funds to act as a buffer, e.g. an offset account, savings or line of credit.
  • Create a buffer to account for negative gearing expenses and flat times in the market.
  • Strategies for exit if needed.
  • Protection of assets and legal tax reduction.

Investing AGAINST the Grain

Investment decisions are better made when you understand that real estate goes in cycles and how to identify them. As an investor, you have the choice of being impacted by market drivers instead of influencers.

There’s power in making diverse choices and not following the masses towards embodying wealth rather than pursuing a trend because that’s what everyone is doing.

Regular REVIEW For Better Performance

A crucial aspect of the SMART acronym is to analyse the performance of your portfolio for property investment to understand how you’re tracking financially. Considering the following annually will help you gain insight into performance and enable the opportunity for improvement:

  • How is capital growth tracking?
  • Does the property need improving for better financial performance?
  • During slumps, is it time to sell or ride the waves and see it through?

Working With a TEAM

Surround yourself with a competent team who, like you, thinks strategically and will bring together varied knowledge and expertise to successfully buy and manage Sydney property for investment. You don’t need to do it all yourself or even know everything surrounding investment opportunities.

In the ever-changing property investment market, working with a team of professionals—brokers, other property investors, mortgage brokers, and accountants—can increase your capacity to engage in the best financial growth and investment opportunities.

Being SMART About Property Investment

Investing in Sydney property when using SMART strategies will guide you towards achieving success. When done well, teaming up with other experts in the field, including home loan mortgage brokers, will help you stick with the plan that is unique to your needs.

Set your goals, be SMART about property investment, and you will be on your way towards developing a well-rounded and successful portfolio.


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