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Tax increase for Australia’s aged care scheme 08/06/2023

A tax increase on Australia’s aged care system has been criticized as a “worrisome sign” of impending election promises to be scrapped, but Labor will consider it without prejudice.

The small airline, co-owned by Queensland football legend Jonathan Thurston, could become the first in the world to become carbon neutral thanks to plans to introduce hydrogen-powered aircraft into its fleet.

A strike is expected in Victoria’s rail and tram networks this year as the state’s public transport union looks to profit from its big builds.

A controversial plan for a proposed cycle path on one of Sydney’s busiest roads is back on the table after criticism from residents and business owners.

In just 10 months, 125 Aged Care Providers in South Australia have been issued violation orders in a watchdog move to protect the most vulnerable.

https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/tax-increase-to-pay-for-australias-aged-care-system-08062023/audio/4d4e6c7f4cbc4e31b2c22ae05ec0c5fa Tax increase for Australia’s aged care scheme 08/06/2023

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