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Taronga lion escapes from broken fence

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo has revealed how five lions escaped their enclosure last week.

last week, News broke that five lions at Taronga Zoo had escaped from their enclosureresulting in the closure of the zoo.

In an update on Friday, Taronga said five lions, one adult and four cubs, had escaped due to a broken fence.

“Preliminary independent engineering advice confirmed that the swage (the clamp that joins the wire cables together) failed and the lacing cables that connect the fence mesh to the tension cables unraveled,” the statement confirmed.

“Then the lion was able to create a gap and squeeze in.”

Taronga Zoo added that the preliminary review recommended that an independent tensile structure engineer conduct a detailed investigation to learn more about why the failure occurred and how to fix it.

Five lions have escaped from their cage at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.

Taronga review reveals what Lion did

Investigations into the incident continue, but Taronga Zoo has revealed what the lion was doing before escaping the fence and what it did afterward.

Four cubs and an adult male, Ato, managed to get outside after “playing and socializing” at the fence for about 20 minutes.

A lioness, Maya, and another cub stayed in the exhibit while the others escaped. Maya and her cub were brought back to their den by the keeper.

After five lions escaped, the zoo went into emergency mode to monitor and control the situation. The Code 1 alert included responses by staff from multiple vehicles and prompt evacuation of “roaring and snoring” guests in secure rooms.

The keepers were able to use their relationship and training with the lions to quietly lure the big cats back into the exhibit.

Ato and the children were found on the other side of the main containment fence, but only meters from their own exhibit. They also tried to find their way back under the fence.

Taronga Zoo said all escaped lions remained calm while exploring outside their enclosures.

However, while still inside the zoo, two cubs managed to escape over the secondary fence.

One cub is back in the pen. The other was safely sedated and returned to its burrow.

‘Taronga will continue to investigate the incident and share more information,’ the zoo said.

“Lions will remain in the outdoor storage area behind the building until expert engineering advice is obtained.”

https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/state/nsw/2022/11/11/taronga-lions-zoo-escape/ Taronga lion escapes from broken fence

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